Five Tips for Establishing Your Brand Through Social Media

Effective branding is essential for the success of your company and your marketing efforts. You need to establish a strong brand that people will recognize and respect. This can be achieved through Social Media

Here are some tips for doing just that through social media.

Have a Consistent Look

Your visual branding is incredibly important. If you want people to recognize your brand, they’ll do so by identifying your logo, color scheme, typeface, graphics, or any other visual elements you focus on.

When you’ve developed the visual aspect of your brand, you need to use it consistently across all social media channels. Include the graphics, photos, and design elements that represent your brand on your Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles, as well as on your company website.

A consistent look will help people recognize your brand immediately, no matter what social network they’re on.

Have a Consistent Voice

While not as easy to pinpoint as visual elements, the voice of your brand needs to be well-defined and consistent also. You first need to be clear on exactly what your voice is.

What tone do you convey? What persona do you represent? There’s no “right” voice to have, and it can vary wildly between brands. Serious, comical, sarcastic, energetic, light-hearted, dependable – decide on the specifics of your voice, and stick to it.

You need to sound the same on every platform and profile, so make sure you use the same tone on Facebook as you do on your website, and everywhere else. This will also help people recognize you, and it will give them a clear impression of what your business is all about.

Thoroughly Discuss with Employees

Your employees will also be representing your brand, while they’re on- and off-duty alike. Make sure you regularly discuss your branding with everyone so your entire company is on the same page with the branding message you’re trying to send.

Most importantly, thoroughly discuss your branding with anyone who is involved in updating or maintaining your company’s social networks. Discuss clear guidelines for tone and topics, and make sure everyone understands your branding goals.

You should also monitor their activities to ensure they’re getting it right.

Know Where to Concentrate Your Efforts

There are many different social networks, and your company might want to be a part of them all. It’s not a bad idea to try and establish your presence and brand across all major social networks, but it’s important to recognize which will benefit you the most.

If you don’t do a lot of video content, for example, don’t work so hard on YouTube. If most of your success and attention are on Facebook, concentrate on building on that before pursuing Twitter so aggressively.

Pay Attention

Finally, pay close attention to how your branding efforts are working for you. Make sure you follow all the conversations on your networks and about your business elsewhere. How are people responding? What’s working, and what’s not?

Analyzing feedback to make little tweaks here and there can really make your brand stronger and more unique.

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