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What Does A Risk Management Consultant Do?

Risk management consultants are advisors who help to assess the risk of your organization and also helps in developing plans to overcome those risks. These include product development, finance, control, corporate development, organizational development, etc.

We already know the importance of risk management in an organization. In the present scenario, every small organization employs risk management consultants with an aim to determine the risk relating to significant business decisions.

risk management

A risk management consultant helps in analyzing, accessing, and controlling risk. They are beneficent in identifying weaknesses of the business that could be malefic to your company from a security, financial and operational point of view, identify, prevent and resolve them.

Things risk management consultant does

Risk management consultants are experts in finance, mathematics, and business. They help you reduce or eliminate the risk by performing technological, operational, financial, and technical procedures. They help their clients understand, organize and administer risks that are intertwined with their organization. The risk management consultants provide the clients with the required capacity to improve their operational controls with the help of a corporate finance framework. They also have expertise and experience in combating danger and recognize the berths that are associated with risk. Other things that a risk management consultant does are:

  • Detection: even though you hold a large enterprise with no company just like yours, some specific purpose gives you such a stronghold in the market. You would for sure possess techniques and undertakings for your enterprise and hazards that no other company holds. These hazards need to be analyzed thoroughly; determining these risks is the most complicated step in the risk management procedure. In a business organization, there are times when unexpected hazards prove to be the most dreadful compared to the expected risks.
  • Accessing the sharpness: after determining the hazards of your business organization, you need to focus on techniques to overcome those risks. We cannot say here that every chance would harm the business in a similar way. Some threats pave the way to legal lawsuit liabilities. Every organization is aware of the risk that might incur, but it’s more important to identify those risks.
  • Planning: once you evaluate the risk of your business, you can look forward to ways to overcome those threats. You and your consultant do not require a complex plan or strategy to overcome every danger associated with the organization. You just need specific tactics to overcome that risk; there are times when insurance covers risk evolves, you can get an insurance policy to overcome the risk involved.
  • Implementing: after accessing the severity of the risk and creating a plan to overcome those risks, you need to look forward to implementing that plan in your everyday life. This might involve frequent changes in the culture, safety awareness, etc. Implementing a plan for risk management might be time-consuming. Partial implementation of the project is also considered as a step towards mitigating a severe risk.
  • Evaluating: after implementing the plan, you need to look for the performance evaluation. For massive organizations tracking of risks is much easier due to prior accidents in the organization, whereas it might be a bit difficult for the small organizations to quantify the risk involved. Evaluating the progress of the plan implemented will help in determining the overall benefit to your organization.
  • Improving: Just as business management, your risk management plan also requires upgrading. If you do not upgrade your risk management plan with growth in your business, then your plan might not be beneficial to your company.

Advantages of risk management consultation

Risk management consultations offer clients multiple services, which involve cyber hazard identification, incident planning, risk and compliance, response planning, etc. Risk management consultations use a planned and structured approach to determine the various risks evolved in the organization. Here are several advantages risk management consultation offers:

  • Third-eye perspective: several organizations do not realize the risk involved until it’s too late; once menaces attack you, your organization would suffer a considerable loss. A risk management solution here ensures to safeguard from the risk before any cyber security issue occurs. It’s easier for a risk management consultant to recognize the risk which is skipped or not prioritized by the organization.
  • Attractive investment with less risk: if an organization wants to make an attractive investment with low risk, a risk management consultation is your perfect choice; they help reduce the liability of the business by lowering the litigated risks. The company appears low in danger with shareholders and investors when it becomes an attractive investment.
  • Feedback on infrastructure and output: the critical elements of risk management involve process, integration, infrastructure, and production. When an organization hires risk management consultants, they get access to ongoing support with feedback. The primary goal of a risk management company might differ from organization to organization but aims at lowering risks and warding off unwanted threats that could impact the growth of your business.
  • Experienced professionals: business organizations seek out the help of risk management consultants due to valid reasons. These professionals are the best means to address threats by drawing attention to those who can take advantage of security gaps. They help the business organizations uncover the risk with a comprehensive assessment of trouble that might negatively impact the business organization. Investing in risk management professionals, a business organization gains valuable information and trains its employees to protect from malicious attacks.
  • Provides extensive information: knowledge is power is best applicable when it comes to risk management consultants. These organizations not only prevent your business from menaces but also offer solutions to address these threats. These consultants are helpful in preventing your organization from cyber-attacks. These consultants have comprehensive knowledge about the extensive field such as finance, organization management, corporate management, etc. These experts understand the risk business organizations face in their day-to-day lives and how to safeguard these threats.


A risk management consultant will help your organization with the possible hazards with their sound knowledge and expertise in the field.


Tips To Create Your Own SEO Marketing Strategy

What is SEO and why is it important?

People use the internet for many different purposes, and, as a result, there are many websites/web pages. This often means that when a web user looks for something – a product, a service, piece of information etc. – search engines often pull up thousands of web-links.

Research has shown that a very large percentage of searchers will not even look past the first page of results, and so any websites that feature lower in the search engine rankings will, in all probability, receive very few visitors. For businesses, this means the loss of a potential customer which will have a negative impact on profits.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of increasing the visibility of a web page or website. So, when a person carries out a search for something related to the contents on the website, the link to the website will appear among the highest-ranking on the search results page.

In theory, this means that more users are likely to click onto the website, increasing traffic, and the numbers of potential customers.

Top Tips

The following are some simple top tips for creating your own SEO marketing strategy:

1) Look at website and suitability to target audience

Before implementing any SEO strategies, it is essential to analyse the target audience (the group/groups of people your product/service is aimed at). Data should be gathered on areas such as age, sex, geographic location and needs of the group/groups. Use this data to check whether the current website is catering to the needs and wants of the target audience.

2) Do your keyword research

The idea of the keyword research is to identify words and phrases that are tailored to the target audience and their needs, and determine search volume (the amount of results that come back when the keywords are used in a search) and relevant referral data. From this you should be able to see what is popular, and what is not, based on people’s searches.

3) Prioritize, and identify gaps/opportunities

With the data from your keyword research, you can then begin to prioritise; highlight keywords that have a high search/referral volume. Look again at the current website, and the target audience data, to see if there are any gaps or opportunities.

A gap is when the website content includes a term, but, the referral volume, compared to the search volume is very low).

An opportunity is when there is a large amount of search volume for something that your company offers, and is relevant to the target market, but doesn’t appear in the website content.

4) Look at competitors

As with any kind of marketing process, it is often important to check out who the competition is and what they are doing. Again, use a few keywords, and type them into a search engine. Write down which websites appear at the top of the rankings for each keywords. Analyse these websites; what they look like, what they offer, etc. Compare it to your own website, and see what are they doing better/differently. Ask yourself if your website is is the best/most effective it could possibly be, and if it caters to the target audience.

5) Create and implement a plan of action

Look at the data that you have gathered so far; and work out areas of improvement. Consider things such as; website design/content, external links, URL and website terminology. Work out how these can be changed, and who will be responsible for the changes. It might also be a good idea to plan how long these changes should take. Then you are ready to put the plan into action.

6) Monitoring and assessment

It is essential to monitor progress, to see whether your website has high visibility. If not, why not? Ask yourself what more you need to do to increase visibility. If so, keep checking to see where the website ranks. If you find that it has slipped down search results, identify and take the necessary steps to ensure that it stays on top.

7) Spy on the competition

Sometimes we wonder why someone who is a rival is more successful than us. If you ever feel that way, look at what your rival website is doing to get their SEO right. Try to implement those strategies to your advantage. It may not always be successful but most of the time it works.

Try implementing these tips for a favourable SEO result in your business or website. Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Fast Ways To Get More Twitter Followers Successfully

Twitter is a great medium to meet new people. It is one of the most popular social networking websites in the world. Almost every internet users use it for various purposes.

It is particularly beneficial for the businesses since you can use Twitter to promote your products and services and draw prospective clients. Therefore, having more followers fast becomes imperative since with more Twitter followers you will be able to enhance your Twitter influence quickly. There are numerous effective ways to get more Twitter followers.

10 Fast Ways To Get More Twitter Followers:

Provide Link to Your Twitter Profile

You can share your Twitter profile via emails in the form of an email signature. You can also link to your Twitter profile with your other social networking and media profiles such as Facebook, Google+, Myspace, YouTube etc. Furthermore, you can include your Twitter name on your business card. All these strategies will help to get you several new followers.

Participate in Latest topics

Trending and latest topics often get loads of exposure hence participating in such topics can offer your tweet more publicity than it would normally. You can also benefit by following highly pertinent people. If you follow relevant people, there are chances they will follow back.

Purchase an Existing Twitter Account

eBay is an amazing place to buy existing Twitter accounts. Purchasing an existing account can provide you thousands of followers instantly. You can also strike a bargain with someone who has lots of followers but, does not actually need a large follower base.

Use Tweet Buttons

You can also make use of Twitter’s official tweet button. Using this utility is advisable if you are running a WordPress blog. It can help in drawing many potential followers to your Twitter profile.

Create Blogs

You can create blogs or write articles on an interesting topic and place a link to your Twitter profile in the resource box. Submit these blogs and articles on BlogSpot’s or websites such as Hubpages, EzineArticles etc. Also, ensure that you mention your Twitter name, when commenting or replying to other people’s blogs.

Enhance Twitter Background

Most people still make use of the web version of Twitter, which implies they would be seeing your profile background while visiting your profile. Therefore, if you dedicate some time to make a custom Twitter background, visitors will notice and it you may get more follows. Also, ensure that you upload a photo on your Twitter profile because most people generally follow others only if they have a profile picture.

Make It a Habit to Follow

Follow as many people as you can. If you follow 500 people per day, there are chances that around 300 will follow you back.

Tweet Often

The more time you spend tweeting, the better chance you will have of your tweets being seen by people who are not following you yet. Also, reply to other people’s tweets because when people see that you are being receptive their tweets, they will most likely follow you. You can also participate in #FollowFriday to improve your opportunities of getting more followers.

Use Hash Tags

Hash tags can assist people in finding your tweets via Twitter search and popular topics and as stated above, if more people sees your tweets, the followers you will get.

Ask Followers to Retweet

You can also request your followers to retweet your good and informative tweets. Every retweet can lead to more followers depending upon the number of followers the person who retweets has. Additionally, people usually like seeing and sharing cool pictures. Therefore, if you tweet some appealing pictures and they are retweeted, you most certainly will get more followers.

Overall, there are several creative ways to boost your Twitter presence, apart from these 10 fast ways to get more Twitter followers. Just remember that you don’t spam others since that would hamper your chances of getting more followers. Consider this, the more value you offer, the more you can achieve out of social networks.

Startup markets: insights & analysis of the COVID-19 impact

In these hectic times, investors recommend startups to be cautious in resource allocation. We are aware that COVID-19 will impact early-stage investment, but we cannot know for how long its impact will last.Taken into consideration these unknowns, startups should contemplate cutting down cash burn and increasing runway fast.Most likely, startups might have already made 2020 plans, but it is time to reexamine operations to lower costs.Additionally, companies should keep the focus on customer retention. One survey results imply that such KPIs as retention is likely to stay a prime focus for investors:
  1. 83,5% of those questioned said that the pandemic had an impact on their investment plans.
  2. More than half of surveyed will fund the same stages as planned before COVID-19. The lockdown affected industries, such as healthcare, remote work solutions, productivity software, and logistics, to see investor growing interest.
  3. Most respondents advised startups to lower costs and concentrate on consumers.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the agile companies are accelerating and pushing things forward.Besides, there are already several accelerators that focus on startups that help address the coronavirus pandemic.
Corona Virus Business Impact
There are even special funds that finance similar businesses. Black&Veath invests from $250 thousand in teams that have passed the accelerator and help them with their resources, while the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (together with Wellcome and Mastercard) allocated $125 million for research.

What should be done?

Now is the time to keep the accentuate the consumer, customer needs, and demands. Products should whirl around them, so beware of making any changes or pivots, which can negatively impact the user experience.Startups should meet consumer needs and gaps in the market, so stay on that track and measure KPIs, which present consumer satisfaction in the product or service.In any economic recession, non-essential goods or services are often the first to be dismissed by consumers. Now it is more critical than ever for venture-funded startups to become a substantial business and build on revenue.Gartner predicts global IT spending to decline by 8% in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. As the virus mercilessly spreads across Europe, investors hurried to close deals that were already at an advanced stage. Some M&A advisers have announced that up to 90.0% of their mandates have been paused. Deals in early stages will probably be put on hold or wholly canceled as investors due to force majeure events.While deals will still happen out of the need for those who move into the distraught territory, a new normal is believed to be formed, with investors’ assumptions and ambitions being substantially contrasting.

Where are we heading?

Our research shows that top COVID-19 startup investment directions are in:
  • Finance services (fintech). Six startups raised more than $5,5 million in sum, e.g., Primer – is a MI company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the analysis of massive datasets.
  • Biotechnology Startups (MOMA Therapeutics, ROME Therapeutics, Pulmobiotics, Genespire) raised more than $155,5 million. It is quite surprising considering that it takes a few years of intensive cash-burning before a biotech company’s first product reaches the market.
  • Gaming startups (Rally Cry, Pragma, Skibre, NAG Studios) raised $5,5 million.
  • Video Streaming startups raised $22 million (the best one is BancroftX Media)
Most of the new startups came from the USA (14), 8 of which from San Francisco. As a runner up, the European Union with Germany and Sweden.Some of the most exciting startups and initiatives we have mentioned here.The next big thing after the pandemic will be the speed and efficiency of vertical jobs marketplaces. Verticalized labor marketplaces are job boards specifically designed for the only thing:
  • jobs in one industry (such as telecommunications or healthcare)
  • one job type (data analyst or web designer)
  • one candidate type (white-collar workers, remote engineers)
  • one demographic (military veterans or stay-at-home moms).
When focused on one thing only, these platforms can create a custom-made and smooth experience that connects the appropriate people to the right jobs with the pace, scale, and effectiveness needed.We are on the verge of a rare moment in which the most effective job marketplaces will benefit, not the deepest. Sluggish networks will become agile ones. Job boards will be overwhelmed with great candidates and listings.Moreover, the job market will be one of the essential things anyone is working on.Now a lot is happening around creating captivating consumer-y experiences in the ventures; that’s very interesting.Getting a job at one of the big tech companies is now way more compelling than before. Just recall how competitive the corporate packages are and how many of these companies are working on cool things.As for the startups, it is the first time in history when you can quickly get your first million in funding. It is an ecosystem, and if you have a legit idea, there is a community willing to take a bet.It is inspiring to imagine all the tools that we are going to have for working from home or entertaining ourselves or feeling that social connection, even if we are not in person.We believe in the next two years; we will have the whole generation of entrepreneurs tackling those needs.Author Bio

Daria Marchan, Content Marketing Specialist at LAB325 . LAB325 – full cycle Product Engineering Agency, we’ll bring your ideal product to life, achieve future growth, and keep up relevance in your market. We love Products, and we are pleased to assist them through their business lifecycle. Our Product Lab uses a full cycle approach: from exploration and hypothesizing to design, from the development to testing and implementation. LAB325 develops innovative technologies for customers worldwide.

Key tips for SEO to develop public relations

PR efforts of any organization are meant to keep it in the limelight. Building brand equity through continued efforts is one of the goals. For organizations with a large customer base, it is also important to ensure that no issue snowballs into a major controversy. People involved in the PR campaigns need to be on their toes to grab people’s attention for the organization as and when it is possible and to build a positive aura around it.

As information is now very often sought by people over the web, search engines and the search page results gain significance in the PR campaign. It is important to ensure that the results that rank high give a positive view of the organization when search is against a keyword relating to the organization. Directing people to a website is a part of the marketing initiatives but PR is about quality of those results.

1. Use blogs

Blogs make for an effective tool for building brand equity over the long term. These also serve as an effective medium for sharing information with your target consumer segment. Interact with potential and existing customers and direct disgruntled consumers to appropriate forums for resolution of issues.

2. Optimize the content of press releases

Use the same keywords as the marketing team or the ones that you want your content to rank high against. Maintain appropriate keyword density and use the primary keyword in the title.

3. Employ social media as a tool

Use social networking tools not just to interact with people and promote the latest products and services from your organization but also as a means to get recommendations from clients who can vouch for your products. Give prominence to client feedback. People trust feedback from users more than they would believe a marketer. Encourage people to talk about their experiences with your product.

4. Promote links to relevant content

Place links to information even in the press releases and promotional campaigns. This gets the pages more inbound links to rank higher in search engine result pages.

5. Involve consumers through an interactive campaign

Giving out information is not enough. You need to do more. Involve the consumers. Allow people to give feedback. Let people vote in favor or against a proposed change in your product. Make people feel that their feedback is valued by the organization and it plays a deciding role in the changes you implement in the way you render the services or the kind of features your products come with. This is likely to get you mentions on people’s blogs as well as social media platforms. Use visual content as well apart from text based content. This is in keeping with sites such as Pinterest gaining prominence.

Social media and the search results can significantly impact the prospects of an organization’s products. PR team of the organization needs to counter negative campaigns to contain the damage. Optimizing the campaign for SEO and building brand visibility, not necessarily through press releases but through blogs and other modes, can help you get the right message to reach the consumer.

Online Businesses you can start today

When you read websites on making money online they tend to only really focus on one main method of doing so – running a website. While the exact monetization of that website might vary and they recommend different ways of converting visitors into cash, ultimately the advice is the same: build a website, add content regularly and then put PPC advertising/affiliate links on it.

However this is far from being the only way to make money online and while it’s potentially a very satisfying and reliable way to generate passive income, it also takes a long time and requires a lot of luck and perseverance if you’re going to succeed.

Here then we will look alternative ways you can make money online, many of which are much faster or require a lot less luck to be successful.

Sell an App

With the success of smartphones like the Android and iPhone, selling an app is now a very real route to making a lot of money. 80,000 new Android devices are activated every day, and if you consider how long Android has been gaining momentum for that’s a huge potential market for an app. All you need is a good idea and some basic coding knowledge and you can join in on this gold rush.

Saas usability reactjs


Another thing that has caught on in a big way lately is e-books. Whether you want to sell solely through Kindle, or look at selling PDFs from your own site or using other stores such as iTunes, this is can potentially be just as lucrative as selling the apps.


There are a number of services that you can provide entirely online and as the web provides you with such a convenient way to reach a wide market, and to communicate with clients you can create a very profitable business this way. Of course you need a skill you can sell, but there are lots of options here whether you want to be a content writer, a website designer, an SEO expert, a consultant, an editor or something else entirely. There’s even work out there for composers.

Sell a Physical Product

There are many ways you can sell physical products online these days that don’t necessarily require getting lots of funding or setting up your own manufacturing process/ordering lots of stock. Funding of course isn’t necessarily a problem if you opt to use sites like Kickstarter to raise the money, while you can sidestep manufacturing and buying lots of stock by using 3D printing services. This way all you need is a design and you can then have it manufactured and printed off as and when people order it.

Go Between

There are plenty of ways you can run a business online where you are purely a business man (or woman) and don’t have to ‘create’ anything at all. For instance rather than selling your content, you could just find writers and buy their writing to sell on, or you could provide SEO for a company and simply pay another slightly smaller SEO company a lower fee in order to do the heavy lifting for you. Connecting people and seeing opportunities is the basis of any good business model, just as it is in the offline world.

[Guest Post] Enhance Your Software Product Quality with Cloud based Application Development

Every startup and enterprise is jumping onto the cloud bandwagon as its advantages have become evident to the world. Cloud based software or applications run in the cloud environment and can easily interact with web browsers and APIs.

Businesses leverage cloud based application development to enhance product quality and productivity by injecting agility. Increased agility allows corporates to quickly respond to the business needs with greater flexibility.

Developers are drawn to cloud applications as these applications can be developed, updated, tested, and deployed at a fast pace.

Read this blog to explore cloud based application development in detail to better understand why it matters and how it can take your business to the new heights. Let’s jump right into it,

Diving Deep into the Cloud based Application Development Benefits

Businesses have realized the need to bring application development to the cloud wherein the software applications are developed in the cloud. The advantages of cloud application development are multifold.

Applications can be developed, updated, tested, and deployed robustly that can increase your business agility and flexibility.

Major principles of application development includes containers, microservice architecture, serverless structure, event-driven computing model, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and purpose-built databases.

Cloud based applications rely on APIs that allow a quick access to third-party data sources and storage services. As these applications are relatively small hence can be developed faster and better.

Time to Market – Cloud based application development allows developers to speed up the procedure by creating applications at a faster pace.

It in turn allows businesses to incorporate the clients’ feedback into existing and new development, fulfill users’ expectations on time, and accelerate the time to market as applications can be developed quickly.

Security – Cloud vendors spend millions of dollars towards making the cloud security infallible.

Cloud security measures include IAM, VPN, firewalls, penetration testing, tokenization, obfuscation, encryption, etc., to secure and safeguard data against the manual security configuration hassles or any sort of leakage, omissions and theft.

Cost-effectiveness – As cost is one of the key concerns of every organization. Contrary to the on-premise infrastructure, cloud technology results in cost savings as it works on pay as you go model and does not require upfront investment or capital expenditure.

Cloud kickstarts the product development by significantly trimming unwanted IT spendings.

Scalability – The applications hosted in the cloud have unbridled scalability as compared to the old traditional server hosting. A specific portion of application can also be scaled seamlessly at ease with a cloud based infrastructure.

Without scalability, a product is doomed to fail in the market due to the inability to cope with the volatile market fluctuations.

Constant Updates – Timely and quick updates allow organizations to save unnecessarily time and cost, seamlessly manage cloud servers, and swiftly adopt security updates to become robust and resilient.

Constant software updates allow developers to use the latest version which helps them to be on the frontfoot.

Exploring the Cloud Application Types in Detail

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

The SaaS market size is expanding rapidly due its advantages like lower initial costs, robust configuration and deployment, quick updates, easier accessibility, and more scalability.

SaaS eliminates issues associated with software maintenance and incompatibility, rather it focuses on achieving high productivity. This cloud service offers a complete product managed by the service provider.

SaaS ensures flexibility, stability, predictability, personalization and customization along with service delivery automation.

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS allows businesses to harness the potential of cloud to get the most out of their IT infrastructure.

It increases performance, decreases capital expenditure, improves security and scalability, strengthens flexibility, supports disaster recovery measures, and ensures business continuity.

With IAAS, the third-party vendors manage servers, storage, and networking, and the IAAS users would manage their database, security aspects, and operating systems.

  1. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a cloud solution which is best suited for companies that want to develop their own applications or customizable software. It allows businesses to access the framework to develop a cloud storage system.

It fits perfectly for the infrastructure like hardware or operating systems. PaaS improves scalability and productivity, reduces capital expenditure, minimizes lead time, and offers consistency in delivery.

PaaS services include application design, testing, development and deployment, web service integration, information security and database integration.

Main Features of Cloud based Applications:

  • The application’s data is put in the cloud infrastructure and can be partly cached on the user’s device. Information may be temporarily stored on the user’s device to help them access it when they are offline.
  • Cloud based applications allow the users to access third-party cloud services with APIs integration. A user can set up data encryption, backup schedules, data optimization and compression.
  • Cloud applications involve various API integrations hence data encryption, secure socket layers (SSL), and reverse proxy usage can empower businesses to strengthen the security posture of the cloud based applications. 


Cloud solutions are ruling the digital world as the technology offers organizations an ability to develop and manage applications using its framework.

Cloud based development empowers corporates to establish standardization, reduce the overheads, adopt better scalability, ensure business continuity and more.

Partner with an experienced cloud service provider to overcome the challenges associated with cloud based application development in terms of API integration, data decoupling and data architecture planning.

With cloud application development becoming one of the most discussed topics of 2020, its pre-eminence has piqued the interest of pragmatic IT leaders to not only adopt it but also to propagate it to take the business to the next level.

Author Bio:

Martin Moyers is a business analyst and an avid tech blogger who is associated with Zymr, Inc. He is obsessed with AI-ML, cloud technologies, and the universe of social media. In his leisure time, he enjoys rafting, sailing, and hiking.

[Guest Post] SaaS Usability: Revamping the User Interface (UI) with React JS for Growth

Nowadays, “SaaS” is creating a buzz in the market and the reason behind this is its several magnitudes in terms of usability. With the advancement in technology, new features are also discovered in the usability of SaaS which is a renowned software distribution model that is gaining high popularity over the internet.

Before we discuss the growth of SaaS in the market, take a look at what this term means:

What is Saas?

SaaS stands Software as a Service. It’s a cloud-based service that allows users to access an application through an internet browser instead of downloading the software on your desktop or business network.

The software could be any office software or other business apps. SaaS technology is loaded with several features and is very well known for its variety of advantages, including accessibility, compatibility, and operation management.

Not only this, but it also offers a lower upfront cost in comparison to traditional software download which makes it easy to be available to several businesses.

Growth of SaaS in the Market

Behind the working or absolute performance of SaaS, there is a provider that centrally hosts its products for the customers. It provides the customers with complete ease of accessing and utilizing the Saas through internet browsers.

Saas usability reactjs

So, one can conclude that SaaS has totally transformed the whole software delivery concept and still is coming up with new features to meet the user’s expectation in the best possible way.

We all know that consumers are the king of the market, and they are the reason behind the success and growth of any business or brand and the same in the case of SaaS product growth.

If a consumer is satisfied with the SaaS product’s accessibility and usability, then there is no doubt they are seeing the value in your platform.

Therefore, SaaS companies are working hard towards the primary motive of meeting each customer’s expectations with SaaS, and Microsoft is a perfect example of it.

Yes, Microsoft is one of the successful SaaS businesses with an annual growth of 45 percent.

And if you are thinking how they achieve this milestone then the secret is that the company focuses on the overall design of Saas application that enhances the user experience, and the second secret is their adaptability to change.

These two points are the key ingredients of Microsoft’s success.

Let’s discuss the future growth of SaaS in the market. Below, we have listed some statistics that will help you to know the major growth of SaaS products in the market in the future. Take a look-

Expected Growth of SaaS in the Market

With the below statistics, you can easily come to know about SaaS’s promising future in the coming years.

The above studies clearly show that SaaS is creating valuable space in the market and will surely meet the expectations of more and more users in the future.

Major Points Challenging the Success of a Traditional SaaS Product UI:

Besides the SaaS growth in today’s modern world, there are a few challenges that this technology has to face, and one of them is increasing customer engagement on a long term basis.

There is always a hunger among SaaS businesses to boost customer engagement to a great extent, but they fail to do so on a long term basis. It’s a big challenge that businesses generally face.

If, in case you are also planning the same, then you should make a smart move of optimizing the UX with the assistance of custom SaaS design. After all, it is one of the best options to reach the goal of boosting customer engagement.

Talking about the SaaS application design, then it works to help you to reach your goal. Even the product owner first identifies its functionality and then develops it for the SaaS software that caters to both business and end-user goals.

Apart from this, there are a few other common UI issues that a business should consider. So, what are those issues? Do you also want ways to overcome these issues? So, you must check out the below-listed points-

●     Basic Layout

The first on our list is the layout that comprises several elements that you make accessible at the end of the user interface on the dashboard. If we say clearly, then elements could be anything that the user always scrambles on a web application such as search window, sidebar, etc.

When you have so many elements on a platform, then how would you arrange it to narrate the story of your business to the layout structure? Seems difficult? Not at all. Below, we have mentioned the ideal solution to this issue.

  • Possible Solutions:

Undoubtedly, no one can deny the fact the homepage always makes the first impression on the website’s visitor.

Online business owners are always on the hunt for the best ways that can assist them in grabbing the attention of the users when they log in on the site. Here we want to highlight a solution that is super easy and results in fewer errors as well.

The simple solution to this issue is to choose a progressive disclosure. It will help you to come up with an impressive layout that will grab the user’s attention at once.

The term progressive disclosure is a simple method in which a few of the essential options are revealed instead of disclosing the brief information that a user might not be interested in.

With the implementation of this method, you can simply divert their focus on the points that are necessary instead of falling into the heaps of categories. By doing this, you can easily enhance the customer’s experience on your platform.

●     Ease of Use

Another point on our list is the ease of use. Today, the customer’s expectation with the SaaS product has reached a new level. So, it is highly important for any business to focus on the usability concept to taste success. If you ask us, then it should be simple and easy to use.

  • Possible Solutions:

The possible solution is to organize all the information, pop-ups, tutorials, widgets, and several other functionalities in a clear and concise manner. By doing this, such elements can easily be accessed by the user at once.

A user-friendly interface will make their experience truly a great one. Not only this, but you should also go for the simple layout of your SaaS design that can enhance the overall appearance of your site. You can even make it mobile-responsive too to gain mobile user’s attention as well.

The most important thing that you shouldn’t miss to consider is the functionality of your SaaS application.

Users or clients always strive for better ways or unique features that can turn their experience trouble-free and give them a little exposure to your business. And this milestone is easily achievable moving a step forward to a custom approach to SaaS design.

Isn’t this easy?

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have covered everything you should know about the SaaS designs. From discussing the growth of SaaS products in the market to the giving the solution of the common SaaS issues, we give you a comprehensive overview of such products that will provide you assistance in terms of enhancing the US.

Author Bio:

Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. He has a great grip on the effective eCommerce Strategies, SEO processes, and tactics which are vital for virtual exposure. He is a fun-loving person and a keen traveler who always hunts to find adventure in new places.

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Managing Cash flow for a startup business

It’s no secret that startup businesses and their owners oftentimes face difficult financial challenges. In fact, 8 out of 10 enterprises fail in the first 16 to 18 months due to a financial crisis.

Managing finances is hard, especially when your business isn’t generating a stable income and revenue yet. That being said, establishing and maintaining positive cash flow is the number one issue for startup businesses.

Cash flow represents the money coming into and money leaving your business. In short, your accounts receivable and account payable. If there’s more money coming into your business than going out, it means you have a positive cash flow and vice versa.

But why is cash so important?

The main reason is that cash is money you have available to cover any expenses or investments right away. Simply put, cash is your most liquid asset and without it, your business can easily go bankrupt even if it’s generating positive revenue. Here are a few tips on how to manage cash flow for a startup business.

start up business cash fund

Source: Pexels

Try to cut costs

Many startup business owners aren’t careful with how they spend their budget. That means they usually have more expenses than they should. If you want to have more cash on hand, you’ll have to manage your spending better and try to cut costs whenever you can.

For instance, don’t hire employees too soon, and if you have to hire staff make sure you do it smart. Also, don’t rent out an office space if you can do work from home. That way, you won’t have to spend money on rent, utility and maintenance bills.

Furthermore, try to cut your overhead costs. Overhead costs are expenses that are not directly involved in manufacturing or distribution of your products. As an example, overhead costs are rent, maintenance and utility bills as mentioned before, but also telephone bills, taxes, legal fees, accounting fees, advertising costs, insurance and so on.

The better you manage your spending, the more cash you’ll have available.

Seek investments

One of the surest ways to generate enough cash for your business is to seek out outside investment. For example, you can try to secure funding from angel investors or venture capitalists depending on the nature of your business.

You can also opt for one of the crowdfunding endeavors.If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you can simply try to secure a bank loan.

However, banks can oftentimes deny your loan request if your credit score isn’t favorable, or they might charge you with an extra high interest rate. Perhaps you simply need a loan with more suitable and flexible conditions for your startup business.

In that case, you can try out alternative funding sources, such as applying for startup business loans. That way, you’ll have funding better suited to your needs as well as your cash flow.

Collect your receivables sooner

Many startup businesses offer convenience to customers in terms of payment options. This is a good strategy to gain a favorable reputation early on, but you have to consider you cash flow issues as well. As an example, your customers pay via invoices and your business is generating revenue from sales.

However, if your invoices are due anywhere between 30 to 120 days, it means you have no cash before you collect those payments.

That wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have expenses, such as bills, taxes and salaries to cover during that time. In order to improve your cash flow, try to make your receivables due immediately. You can counter the inconvenience by offering discounts in return.

In addition, if you don’t want to rush customers into paying, you can consider invoice factoring instead. Simply put, you sell your invoices to a factoring company for a small fee and get cash instantly, while the company collects payments when they’re due.

Create a cash reserve

Managing a startup business is difficult on its own. Most startup owners neglect the importance of saving for rainy days. If you aren’t able to implement any cash flow strategies for your startup yet, you can still improve the cash on hand by creating a reserve.

A good example is to have an emergency savings account. You can try to set aside a small portion of your profits or place everything you save from cutting costs into your savings account. Make sure you don’t use funds from your reserve unless it’s absolutely necessary and only for emergencies.

After a while, you’ll have a cash reserve saved up that you can use to improve your startup’s cash flow when needed.

Managing your startup business means you’ll have many challenges and obstacles to face. However, one of the most important challenges will be finances and cash flow in particular. That’s why it’s important to focus on your financial status and ensure your business has cash available at all times.

[Guest Post] 8 Ways Machine Learning Will Improve Education

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) blew up and enabled us to do previously tricky tasks like medical diagnosis and surgery, most people thought it was the pinnacle of a digital revolution. In video games AI is used to create responsive, adaptive, or intelligent behavior, primarily in NPCs.

Few people believed that they would get to see Self-Driving vehicles in their lifetime, much less computer software that can convert speech to writing. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Machine Learning – a revolutionary tech invention that is set to change various aspects of life, particularly education and learning.

What is Machine Learning?

For those in the dark, Machine Learning is a field of study that involves teaching computer systems how to learn and “think” using data fed into their algorithms. It differs from Artificial Intelligence in that no programming is required, the system basically learns from the data it is filled over time.

It is said, Education is one of the fields that will benefit much from developments in Machine Learning. Potential benefits include:

1.     Marking and Grading

Machine Learning inventions will help Teachers and Professors mark exams, assignments and other papers in record time and with reasonable accuracy. Teachers will admittedly still need to correct some things in the marked papers that the machines can’t see. It will, however, take less of their time and energy while students will benefit from getting their results and grades within short time frames.

2.     School Management

Data-driven machines provide lots of opportunities in the running and management of schools. Principles and management staff are now able to effectively monitor activities like student registration, attendance, disciplinary records and test, and exam grading records. Examples School Management Information Systems (SMIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that are commonly used include DietMaster, Edulog, IBM SPSS and Jenzabar.

3.     Learning Analytics

Machine Learning makes it possible for teachers and school administrators to collect data on their students, their circumstances and the way they process and retain knowledge. Sophisticated machines and software use predictive analytics to recommend the best learning environments to enhance the teaching and learning processes. Programs such as Knewton, Dreambox and Reasoning Mind lead the others in this aspect.

4.     Teaching Modules

Special programs are capable of keeping tabs on the effectiveness of various teaching methods and consequently assist teachers to create lesson plans and teaching modules. While some years ago teachers had to do everything manually, which often resulted in mistakes, Machine Learning simplifies their work and promotes better teaching practices. Schools and teachers can make use of programs like Gooru and IBM Watson Content Analytics to acquire customized lesson and content modules based on real-time data.

5.     Dynamic Scheduling

Different students grasp various concepts in varying degrees and speed. Some of them may even need some extra time with their teachers or tutors to improve their understanding. That’s where ML software like NewClassrooms and AbI Scheduler come in. These programs help students connect to available specialists in various fields of study at any time. Schools can use such programs to schedule sessions between their students and part-time tutors or even school-based teachers depending on availability.

6.     End-to-End Data Solutions

BrightBytes, for instance, analyzes academic data and transforms it into relevant and actionable information that can be used by educators and school management to improve their processes. It does this by collecting raw data from a given number of education systems, matching it with research-based frameworks and using Machine Learning and super fast predictive algorithms to determine each school’s particular needs.

7.     Drop-out Rates

Poor course selection is one of the major causes of drop-outs in college and universities. This is especially so when students choose courses under the influence of their peers or parents and eventually find it too difficult for them. With advances in data-based analytics, institutions can match students to suitable courses by comparing their past academic records to the courses or subjects they have taken. Armed with this information, advisors can direct students to courses that match their IQ and abilities, thereby reducing class drop-out rates. Sponsors will also use available software to determine who is likely to stay in school.

8.     Remote Learning

With the advent of machine learning and AI, more students are able to study even complex concepts through distance education or e-learning. Receiving material is made available online for students to access from any corner of the world.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence, of which Machine Learning is a subset, is slowly but surely taking over America and the world. According to Pew Research Group, more than 45% of Americans use AI in one form or another. The benefits listed above are only the tip of the iceberg, we are confident that as more advancements are made, the very core of our education systems will change for the better.

What are your thoughts? Do you think machine learning will revolutionize education?

Author’s bio

Joshua Sherman is one of the most widely known writers that specialize in technology. He has written many other informative articles, he mostly writes about technology. Apart from being an excellent writer, he loves traveling, playing games, watching TV and meeting new people from anywhere in the world.