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Important Steps to Develop a Website

1. The first step that one can follow is to make promotion through Article Marketing. For this, one has to write at least three or more articles that have very high quality and relevance to contents of the website. These articles should contain a concise bio with a backlink to the website immediately after the conclusion. One should post them to the article directories and the other sites with high SEO rankings in the relevant keywords.

2. The second most effective way to get traffic is through Forum Marketing. For this, first search for the relevant keyword and forum in a good search engine like Google. For instance, if the site is for selling mobile handsets then the search should be on ‘mobile forum’. Then one has to select the best three forums relevant to the site and put an introduction along with an impressive profile on all the three. One should not resort to unethical means. Make regular and interesting posts to catch the attention of the targeted visitors. People are sure to visit the site.

3. A good way to get enough traffic is by Viral Marketing. For this, create an interesting report for the targeted visitors mentioning the bio and site information. Now market it at a very low rate and allow 100% commission to the Affiliates. This will make all the other sites providing huge traffic to the site.

4. Another interesting way to get ever-increasing traffic to the site is through Social Networking sites. Create a desired profile in any of such site. Now get connected to the people interested in the matters relevant to the owner’s website. Customize the profile for better response. In this way, interested people can easily get connected to the site. One can use exciting pictures for better response. Some such sites are MySpace, Facebook, Ryze, Flickr etc.

5. Blogging is getting popular day by day. This is very effective technique as more readers are getting their way to reading blogs. One can create a blog related to the website contents. He should make as many quality posts as possible at regular intervals.

6. Writing press releases are very useful for the promotion of the website. Google provides ample amount of tips for writing press releases Propose to write them at no cost. Many sites allow posting articles free of cost.

7. Search Engine Optimization techniques are very useful for driving good amount of traffic to the site. Make a detailed study on SEOs and modify the web pages carefully to make it to the front page of the search engines.

These are some effective ways in which one can boost huge traffic to his site and gain success in his business in a short span of time. The targeted visitors not only take interest in the contents of the site but also are very useful for the business of the site. However, in doing so one must count his actions and sort to legal ways. This is really going to solve a lot of problems in the coming days.

Smartphone Apps that are harmful for your kids

Smartphones have become a part of our lives so much that we hand over to the kids to keep them silent and away from you. But these smartphone known to be an all powerful device for us can be quite harmful for kids.

Especially through apps that are constantly hurting their lifestyle or mental growth. While smartphones can be fun for the kids, you need to keep a check on what apps they use and how often they use it.

Here is a curated list of apps that are harmful for your kids if you do not keep a check on them:

These apps are just some of the many in the App store and Play Stores. The apps are not consistently monitored by Google and Apple and hence the onus of your kids safety falls on you.

Make sure to check your kids app usage and also reduce their on screen time. Encourage children to play out in the real world rather than on a screen. That is not only healthy for them physically but also mentally and psychologically.

If you have come across any such dangerous apps that can harm your children, please let us know in the comments too.

Writer’s Bio: Tom Peterson


My name is Tom and I currently reside in the United Kingdom. My greatest assets are my words and I enjoying using them to make the lives of others easier. I have been writing professionally for about three years and they have been the most beautiful years of my life. Second to writing, hot chocolate is my greatest addiction. You can reach out to me at [email protected]

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Responsive Web Design- The New Approach to Web Designing

Designing websites used to be pretty simple. There wasn’t too much you could fit on any given page and there definitely wasn’t a lot of moving objects and flashy images. For the most part, you had text and a few things that made your pages pop.

In recent years, things have drastically changed. Now, web pages are able to hold large amounts of data including videos, photos and moving objects. As more and more people are using the internet from devices such as smart phones and e-readers, it’s about time you considered making your website available to them from these platforms.

Times are definitely changing and it’s always good to be on the ball so you can keep your website running smoothly and get the traffic and attention that you deserve.

Be More Accessible

Who doesn’t love to get their information while on the go? With peoples’ lives becoming more and more mobile, why not give your customers a service that they can access no matter where they are. Maybe they are waiting at their doctor’s office and a question arises. If your site was a mobile option then they could have found the information they were looking for from you instead of your competition. Or, maybe they are in the grocery store looking for a recipe so they know what ingredients they are missing at home; if your website is of the food niche and your site does not work properly on their smart phone then they are going to have no choice but go to another site for the information.

Mobile Use is on the Rise

The need for internet use on the go is on the rise. People crave it, and if you don’t have it then they may not visit your website as often. Some people may not even consider accessing your site because they may only use the internet while on the go. If you have something great to offer visitors, it is a good idea to make sure they can access it in any way that they need. The last thing you want to do is make it hard for people to locate and use your website.

Offer Your Visitors Simplicity

Have you ever gone to a website that did not have responsive web design from a device other than a computer? You can definitely tell right off the bat that something isn’t right. Things just don’t fit comfortably on the screen and there is a lot of scrolling around to get where you want to go. Your device will oftentimes struggle to load the page and everything can be extremely slow.

Imagine if you were a customer and you logged onto a website looking to purchase something. Do you think you would hang around very long trying to figure it out or would you probably either give up and try again at home on your desktop or go to a competitor site that you know is going to work nicely for you?

Most people are in a hurry and want to get the things they need to do right now, so typically; a customer is going to be lost.

Even if your website isn’t designed to sell something, if it’s not loading properly and fitting the page nicely, there is a very high chance that you are going to lose visitors.

Here’s another example: Imagine a web page with a picture of an item for sale and a ‘buy’ button below it. On your computer, this page would completely fit and the item would be dead center, easy to access and nice on the eyes.

Now, if you were to log onto this website on your cell phone and it was not responsive, you would have to scroll over to the right and down in order to find that location. Most people do not want to have to fish for the things they are looking for. Without responsive web design, the most important aspects of your page may go undiscovered.

Be Ahead of the Game

When you have a great mobile presence, your visitors are going to be extremely happy. Too many website owners these days do not consider how their websites look on mobile devices. With society pressuring us to constantly upgrade our cell phones and always have the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to all things technology, it’s no wonder people are constantly on the internet. It seems as though in the not-so-distant future, just about every device out there is going to have an internet connection.

Maybe a lot of other websites do not have a responsive website, but why let that hold you back? Don’t you think it’s about time you did something that was a bit ahead of the game? Give your competitors a run for their money and allow people to experience the high quality that your website has to offer no matter where they log on from.

Cloud : The Future of Cloud Computing is, Well, Everywhere

Just as the invention of email revolutionised communication, reducing the transfer of the written word to a single click, cloud computing is changing the way the world works. A combination of cloud computing and widespread WiFi connectivity is bringing people together – with powerful potential.

This cloud concept isn’t new. If you’ve ever emailed work to yourself, you have been using cloud storage, storing your work on a web server. Cloud storage gives multiple simultaneous users remote access to your data, which may include videos, documents and photographs.

With cloud storage like Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive or Google Docs, your documents are stored on a different server to your computer. You can access them from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing future and details

Cloud computing takes this one step further, giving you the ability to run software that’s in the cloud. You may be able to access Google Maps from your smartphone for directions to your destination, but that doesn’t mean your phone has the world’s maps stored on it, nor does it have to calculate directions from where you are. This is done by Google.

To put it simply, cloud computing has eliminated restrictions previously imposed on us by our technology. A device no longer has to be capable of carrying out every process you require: these calculations can be passed on to more powerful computers through the UK’s widespread WiFi or 3G.

No longer are we tied to the office computer to finish a project in time: wrap up your to-do list on the train and get back from the office an hour earlier. Skype your relatives overseas or simply play Song Pop against your Facebook friends.

The possibilities are endless, varying from the boredom buster to the revolutionary. Crowdsourcing through open brainstorming sessions has led to scientific and mathematical problems being solved, charity funds skyrocketing and even world-changing political movements.

Unlocking the unlimited potential of the Cloud with WiFi

Anyone with a laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone with internet access can benefit from cloud computing. While a WiFi connection allows the public access to utilise the cloud computing services they have become dependent on, it in turn also benefits businesses and event organisers.

Coffee shops and restaurants across the UK (including McDonalds and Starbucks) have attributed an increase in revenue to their decisions to offer free WiFi. During the London 2012 Olympic Games, 80 tube stations offered WiFi access, further increasing expectancy for connectivity wherever we are.

While we may not be conscious of our dependency on cloud computing, it only takes a moment of no connectivity to realise we have come to expect WiFi and cloud computing anywhere and everywhere.

WiFi is even expected at events like conferences, gigs, festivals and road shows, and event organisers achieve this through temporary connections. This enables guests to collaborate on work and problem solving or promote the event through social media status updates, photos and discussion, and allows any press in attendance to carry out their work.

Cloud computing enables all these things, but it’s important to remember that without a reliable WiFi connection, this advancement in technology is worthless. Businesses and event organisers need to provide this connectivity to give visitors and guests the service they expect.

Guest post contributed by Kadie Dobson on behalf of Noba. Visit the Noba website to find out how a temporary WiFi connection can boost your conference or event, or see their full list of services here.
WiFi services

What is Offsite SEO and How One can Perform It

SEO is amongst the most important things for any online business or website. Where onsite Search Engine Optimization refers to the internal link building over one website, the offsite Search Engine Optimization refers to link building over other websites and web pages. The ultimate purpose for all this is to let more and more people visit the website and to let the search engines rank the optimized website high in their search Results.

Some Tips for Offsite SEO:

Here are some useful tips that one can use in order to have a good SEO done for his blog or website. Following these tips, one can expect to have better search engine result ranking as a response to this offsite SEO.

Deep-link Building:

Most websites only optimize for their primary or main keywords. This keyword or back link takes them only to the “home” page of that website. The deep link building is the phenomenon of providing back links over other websites that take the clicker to the inner pages of the optimized website. This is a great tip to use secondary as well as primary keywords for offsite SEO and to give them back links over to the inner pages of one’s website.

High Quality Back Link Building:

There are two options for any offsite SEO operative; one it to make thousands of back links over smaller websites and blogs and then hoping for the search engines to rank the website higher. While the second is to build fewer links but embedding them over well reputed and well established websites to actually see the search engines rank the website high. Cheap but outnumbered SEO back links are not a good option for search engine optimization as they look too spammy and bad reputed. One can spend more on fewer back links for better results rather than spending more on more back Links.

Article Marketing:

Articles are a great way of doing offsite SEO for an online business or Website. Articles are often difficult to write and they contain a lot of technicalities which are given below.

  • There is no room for copied content to be used in an article that is published for SEO purposes. The content has to be original and well built in accordance with the topic.
  • Grammatical mistakes should not be there or else readers would give a back feedback resulting in lost credibility.
  • Keywords have to be used in the articles on places where they are the most effective; title has to contain one keyword as well as the beginning and ending sentence of the entire article. The SEO keywords decide how the link building will go afterwards.
  • The keyword density has to stay below 2-3% of the total number of words included in an Article. Article length has to be good enough with a minimum level of 300 to 400 words and a maximum of 800-900 Words. It is an illegal SEO practice to over stuff the article with keywords and it never helps with the search engine result ranking.

Article Contribution: This guest post is written by Alisa Tayler. She belongs to www.prof-tagservice.dk.

Applications That Every Business Owner Would Need

Technology has been well utilized by everyone over the years. There are different innovations that would be able to help the average person get through their daily lives. It is important for them to acquire every necessary gadget and equipment that would give them the best out of these technologies.

If the average person would need to have these technologies, business owners would surely need them even more. In running their businesses, they would be dealing with numerous people on a daily basis. These could either be their faithful clients or new prospective customers. They would need every bit of applications in their gadgets that will give them the best connectivity and utility for everyday business operation.

There are different applications that can certainly assist business owners in their daily business operations. These are:

  • Facebook

As one of the leading social networking websites, Facebook has provided its members with the best way to communicate and stay connected with their friends, family and colleagues. A person would only need to send a friend requires to another, and if they accept it, they would be able to connect to that person henceforth.

Other than that, Facebook can offer business owners a lot more. This website allows its members to have chat conversations with the people in their friend’s list. Not just that, they can also communicate through video chat. People can also share documents, pictures and videos by simply uploading them in their own wall.

Some businesses even use Facebook as an advertising medium for their operation. Some of them also use this site to have a customer service page where people can place orders, and write reviews or problems regarding the business’ products or services.

  • Skype

Being able to communicate with their clients is a top priority. International consumers are now abundant because of the Internet. Business owners would then need a cost-effective and convenient means to communicate with their overseas clients. Skype is the answer to that need.

Skype allows its users to conduct video conversations with another Skype user. This application runs on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. All the person would need is a webcam, a speaker and a microphone, or a headset.

On the other hand, if you already have an existing subscription to other communications packages like RingCentral business VoIP, as most businesses have these days, then Skype could function as a fallback.

  • Box

Box is a special application that allows its users to share documents with one another. All they would need is an Internet connection and a gadget that can access Box and they can begin sharing their files and collaborating their work with other users. Its current trend now is integration with different companies such as Google.

  • Google Search

Google has definitely out done itself. Google Search is a voice-activated search engine application. Not just that, users can also have access to different Google applications that would surely have its uses in the user’s everyday life.

Gmail, for example, is an email application that also allows its users to have a char or video conversation with other Gmail users. Google Docs will give business owners access to a simple file sharing application and a place where they can create documents life word and presentation files.

  • Google Maps

Google Maps is an application that helps its users keep track of where they are or where they are going. Though is application is mainly a map, it is more than that. It can show its users direction on how to get a certain place faster and provide them alternate routes. It is considered as the most useful map application available.

Instagram marketing can help you with your SEO Campaign – Steps to follow

Business marketing is always a critical thing and a matter of concern for business owners. They try exploring different scopes or opportunities for effective business promotional activities or marketing. When it comes to effective business marketing, you cannot demean the essence of using social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are commonly used for business marketing. But, along with the other social media websites should also be explored for business marketing opportunities.

Such a growing platform is Instagram, which is used by almost 80% startup businesses these days. So, there is no way you can take this social media platform lightly. It is highly essential and important for your business.


In the following section, we shall try to understand the step that you have to follow for creating successful business marketing campaign through Instagram. The first and foremost thing is to look for more and more followers. But, apart from searching for followers for your

Instagram business account, you need to follow the steps that have been mentioned in the following section of this article.

Step 1: Choose a Niche or Genre

Before joining Instagram, you need to understand your business genre or niche carefully. Basically, it is the most important thing that you should learn about your business. Understanding business niche is important for targeting right kind of audiences. Basically, every business has its own target market. For example, the business that sells toys for kids should target new parents as their targeted customers. If you sell office stationery items, you should target corporate employees. This way target market has to be decided. If you cannot decide the target market for your business properly, your business marketing efforts shall be wasted. Choosing the right niche or genre is always important for a successful business marketing campaign.

The niche you choose should be related to your business otherwise the SEO benefits of Instagram marketing would not be optimal. Nevertheless, the marketing campaign would be completely disastrous for you. For example, a business that is related to the hotel industry should not choose sports niche. The ideal niche should be travel, hospitality, adventure, touring, etc.

Step 2: Creating and Completing Account

The second step should be creating your business profile with Instagram. For that, you need to click on sign up button. If you already have a Facebook account, you can get connected to Instagram through that. In that way, your Facebook and Instagram accounts shall be linked automatically. This will help you to gain more followers and exchange followers between social networks. Your business account in this social media platform should appear creative. That means you should embellish account with a proper profile photo and cover picture. Additionally, account should be information, featuring business bio, phone number, and other essential information.

To get optimal SEO benefits, you need to add your phone number and other contact details to your Instagram account. You should share your business details on the bio section. This section should contain some amount of texts. Make sure that you use the main SEO keywords for SEO optimization of this field. Along with the keywords, website link should be given to this bio section. Make sure this section has been poised with all sorts of information that answer the general queries of the potential customers. To know more, you can check https://gramblast.com.

Step 3: Posting Creative Things on a Regular Basis

So, you have an Instagram profile, and you have connected it with your Facebook profile as well. Now, what should you do? Well, you need to do what everyone does. You have to show some activities on your profile. For that, you should post things on a regular basis. Instagram is a social website for sharing multimedia contents. So, you should post photos that are related to your busin​ess. You can post videos as well. Make sure that posts are creative as well as attractive. You can share things that are related to products or services that you offer. The aim should be sharing interesting things so that followers can find it to be worthy enough to follow your account.

Step 4: Improve Photography and Use Hashtags Meticulously

To sustain with the popular business campaign, you need to improve your photography. People always want something new or innovative. This social media platform actually supports innovation and promotes the sharing of interesting contents. Hashtags should be used meticulously. If you do not use them properly, you shall suffer from lack of visibility for your posts or photographs that you share.


For Instagram marketing, hashtags play the most important roles. There are two ways of using them. The first thing is to find hashtags related to your business. Once found, you need to post something related to the hashtag so that your post can gain good visibility. This will eventually lead to overall visibility enhancement for your business. The other thing is to create your own hashtags. You can create the hashtags and ask people to make it viral by posting related to it.

Step 5: Follow Others Too

You cannot expect everyone to follow you unless you start following them. You should follow people who are related to your business niche. It does not mean that you cannot follow others. But, if you intend to create successful business marketing through this social media website, you need to follow people on your business niche. Following others will fetch you more followers and better exposure. You can also opt for buying Instagram likes to get more followers for this social media platform. But, buying likes or followers is not always ethical.

Step 6: Ethical Business Marketing

You should aim in promoting your business ethically. If you do not follow ethical values for business marketing, you shall soon be blacklisted by users. They shall find you to be objectionable, and thus they shall start reporting your account. Getting negative feedbacks may also lead to the closure of your Instagram account. So, you should focus on ethical marketing so that your business can grow seamlessly. Moreover, this will give long sustaining results for your business. Once you start gaining exposure, your business will start growing at a rapid rate.

For more interesting tips, you can check out our other blogs!

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit https://gramblast.com for more information.

Why You Need SEO for Covering Smaller Businesses

Everyone starts as a small business but eventually holds the plan to be a bigger and reliable name in upcoming future. If you don’t have any such plans in mind then business is not the platform for you to consider.

In case, you are the owner of a small company, then you are always interested to help in growing your business in multiple levels. But, the main concern is where you can start from.

seo crawlability and indexing

SEO is always a proven way to properly use the internet for reaching out towards your potential clients more and start growing a business. For those associated with the search engine sector for the first time, they are requested to head towards SEO consultant Dubai and get help now.

Ways search engines rank your website:

Bing, Google and Yahoo are some of the major search engines these days, known to use some of the specified algorithms for scanning websites right for easy usability, credibility, speed and so many other factors in this regard.

Websites over here are also going to add informative content, which is quite relative to the current search.

• Some of those are phrases and keywords and meeting some of the other criteria with best opportunity as listed higher on the said searches.

• SEO is a perfect way to create useful content, adding some of the globally and locally searched keywords and phrases.

• It is also a proven way to increase the current website speed and working for matching with some of the other search engine criteria for ranking the website a lot higher than before.

Help you can get from small business SEO:

Once you are sure of the generalized concept of SEO and what it actually does, you are now probably wondering about its benefits towards your small business.

There are practically so many ways in which smaller business SEO can help businesses. Let’s just dive right into details.

• As search engines are the ones to rank websites depending on loading speed and content, SEO efforts are widely spent on making the source area fast and well operated in nature.

It means, more visitors are willing to visit the site and will enjoy optimal experience to develop one trusting relationship with the firm. Trusting the business relationships will lead to return customers.

• Specified advertising for you is another noted help you can get from small business SEO right now. SEO helps in bringing customers willing to get services or products right to the door.

Anyone willing to buy or create website can get help of advertising and in the finest possible manner. A major part of SEO is mainly to integrate keywords and some of the phrases right into content so that these phrases are searched on Google with some other search engines.

The art and value of SEO will definitely help in proficient growth of your business, be it a start0-up venture or a bigger enterprise based plan. Make sure to use SEO to its full potential and get the results covered well.

Author Bio:
Sujain Thomas is an SEO professional and content developer based in Detroit. she has helped a lot of companies get their websites off to a good start and blogs about good writing practices and services like DietSEO agency

[Infographic] Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Online Business

You have seen some legitimate money-making mobile app such as Swagbucks, CashPirate, Fronta, iPoll, Field Agent, ShopKick, Streetbees, Curious Cat, Citizen me, Feature Points, Roamler and Foap,  or celebrated e-commerce sites such as Amazon, and you want to try your luck online. You want to build an online business empire that will help you achieve your life goals. Wise move!

You have read in blogs and sites that starting a business online starts with satisfying the needs of your target market and building trust and credibility. Nonetheless, you need to know that the factors that affect whether your investment will be a smashing success or not don’t stop at that. There is more than meets the eye.

Starting an online business doesn’t have as many stumbling blocks as starting a physical store, but ironically, a majority of people who start them fail terribly due to some mistakes that seem obvious.  Some of them include;

Not having a plan

Just like everything else on earth, you cannot succeed in your online business if you do not have a plan from the word go.

Whether you want to become a freelance writer or you aspire to have a huge e-commerce store, you first need to have a meeting with yourself and come up with a strategy of attack that will have well-defined goals and objectives.

In your plan, determine how you will sell your old phone and other devices, and buy new ones that will supplement your quest to building a successful online business.

Of course, you will not need a business plan, but you will need to answer the following questions:

  • What are the short-term and long-term goals for my business?
  • Who are my target customers, and how will I get to them?
  • What job boards do I need to target?
  • What will I do to ensure all transaction is secure?

If you are starting a business that will require initial capital, look at the amount of money you have right now, plan for it, and determine the amount of time it will last.

Ignoring customer service

Since you are earning good money online, you might forget that your clients are real people who have feelings, and the experience you give them might lure them to come back for more, or go away for good.

Whether you sell goods or services, or you are just a freelancer on Upwork, how you handle your clients is as important as the quality of services you offer to them.

Develop a culture of good communication practices, and embrace interpersonal skills that will help you develop a rapport with your customers. In the end, you will; delight in new and repeat business, which will in turn speed up the achievement if your personal and business goals.


Undervaluing your products or services

Some people will tell you to undervalue what you are selling when starting your business and hike the prices when your business grows. This is one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid!

The goal of your online business should be to make a profit from the word go. Nothing less!

Therefore, let no one lie to you that you need to sell your products at half price, or charge a few cents per word as a freelance writer so that you can get ratings that will attract new business.

When starting, you can give discounts to your clients or give free shipping, but regardless of what you do, make sure you are making profits!

As you avoid the mistakes mentioned above, engage your target market through social media and other avenues. Let your clients feel that they will get value from your business, and you can rest assured that you will get the business success you have always desired in no time.


Creating Web Surveys Using AidaForm Online Form Builder

Want to learn more about your target market, discover what your existing customers are thinking, or even evaluate how strong your brand really is?

The best way to do any of that is with by creating the right kind of web surveys, and using them to gather the data that you need.

surveys and opinions

As you can imagine you don’t want to rely on ‘readymade’ surveys, and ideally each survey should be built specifically based on the questions you want to ask.

The easiest way to do that is by coming up with a custom web survey using AidaForm Online Form Builder.

How to Create a Survey

Essentially AidaForm is a platform designed to make it easy to create, publish, and collect data via online forms. It uses an intuitive graphical interface that will let you construct your forms using ‘building blocks’ of different elements.

Learning how to create an online survey in AidaForm is really very straightforward, and if you sign-up for a free account you could start right now. All you need to do is sign in and click on the ‘Create a Form’ button then follow the steps listed below:

  1. Select the Blank template seeing as you won’t need most of the fields in the Basic template anyway. Type in the name of the form and click ‘Create’ to proceed.
  2. Open the Form Editor and add fields in the Form Elements section by dragging and dropping them into place. Some of the common fields that you will want to add into surveys include multiple-choice questions, dropdown lists, Likert scales, ratings, and text fields for open-ended questions.
  3. Open the Form Designer and select a theme based on the appearance that you would like your survey to have. The theme you select can be used as a starting point, and you can then customize the colors, fonts, background images, and logo.
  4. Publish the survey by clicking on the ‘Publish’ button. If you want you can generate embed code to copy and paste and insert the form on your website, or you could use a direct link to the form to share it on social media, email, or other platforms.

As you can see it is a very intuitive and straightforward process, and AidaForm will ensure you never feel at a loss over what you need to do.

In fact you’ll find that it has lots of other features that may be useful when you create surveys, such as its integration with Paypal, MailChimp, and Zapier.

Suffice to say in AidaForm you will have a versatile tool that you can use to structure any type of survey that you require.

After your surveys are published you can view the data that is collected within the web interface itself, or export it to Google Sheets or as an Excel document if you prefer.

Overall it doesn’t get easier to create online surveys than with AidaForm, but why not try it out and see how it works firsthand?