10 Fun things to do while working on social media marketing

Interesting ways to jazz up social media marketing strategy for beginners.

Social media is a very interesting topic today. A lot of companies are spending a lot of money on social media campaigns, expecting a high return on investment.

Apart from the technical, there are a lot of fun things you can do with social media marketing. Social media marketing is among the most fun jobs to have. It brings in a lot of development individually as well as promotes your brand when done the right way. As a social media marketer, it can endorse many skills on you; keep you updated with the latest news, build your researching abilities and keep you wanting for more, it can be an addictive job.

Instagram and other Social Media Apps

Here is a list of 10 fun things to do with social media marketing:


Info-graphics holds our attention with colorful yet informative art of statistical graphs. Every picture tells a story and sends out a powerful message. Info-graphics keeps the reader attentive till the end, solely because it gives the reader abstraction with art. Renegade pharmacist came up with a scientific yet interesting info graphic about What happens one hour after drinking a can of coke, it went viral on the internet.

Humor in social media content

Big brands are using humor to sell their products. Everyone likes a good laugh; social media users follow those from whom they get maximum entertainment. Many big brands use a lot humor in their marketing to connect with their customers. Virgin America posted a picture of a signal officer holding turkey drumsticks for hand signals as a thanksgiving promotion.

Interesting Facts

This category always tends to fish comments, posting interesting facts relevant to your brand on regular basis can help you get some attention and likes. Instagram is one among the social media applications that helps big brands post important and unique facts about their brand.


Graphics are something that catches attention. You might have seen online real estate portal housing.com use a lot of purple and green graphics for their advertisement, quite catchy huh?  Many old successful brands make it a point to have knowledge on the latest likes and dislike. They tend to change original logos and alter it from time to time. Apples’s original logo was a drawing of Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree.

Catchy Taglines

Most of us know brand taglines by heart, “Red bull gives you wings”, “Take a break, have Kitkat”, “I’m lovin it” “because you’re worth it”, “once you pop, you can’t stop” though some of them don’t mention the brand in the tagline you know the brand, nevertheless.

Creative campaigns

Attractive graphics, dance moves, tunes, actors and actresses are usually used for campaigns. There are different types of campaigns; one of my personal favorite is experiential campaigns. Dove’s “campaign for real beauty”, emotionally influence many women around the world.

Have contests

Your customers like freebies and gifts. Give them an opportunity to win some of your products and services; you might never know it might attract some loyal customers and definitely many likes to your page.


Believe it or not, most women follow brands to get the latest news on sale and promotion. Sometimes big brands have exclusive/special discounts for followers of one particular social media platform.

Sparks imagination

As a reader, we tend to go back to reading those things that itch our brain. It could be humorous or it could be highly intellectual, nonetheless a content that can inspire imagination is something looked upon.

Hire funny people

By now you would have understood that humor is vital for social media marketing. Employ people with a funny bone, they can make your content more readable.