[Tutorial] Convert MOD videos into MP4 easily with Movavi Video Converter

Have you got a bunch of MOD videos that you captured recently with your latest digital camcorder? That’s great and now you must be looking to share them with your friends over chat apps?

However, there is a catch. MOD files play like a breeze on laptops or PCs yet it won’t be so cool when you wish to play them on mobile devices. Now, that you are planning to share it over chat apps, you have to convert MOD to MP4 format.

As we all know, MP4 is a widely accepted format and is easily accepted by mobile devices. But, how to convert your MOD videos?

Well, Leading software developer Movavi has launched an advanced video converter that will help you with the whole conversion process.

Here is how you can edit and convert MOD videos into MP4 file format with Movavi Video Converter.

Download & install

You will start by downloading and installing the Movavi Video Converter in your system.

Add your video

Click on Add Media and then click on Add Video. Now, click on Open and the video will be added to the Movavi program window.

Edit your video

Yes, Movavi Video Converter enables you to edit and customize your video as well before you convert it into your desired format.

You will find a tab called “Edit” on the Movavi program window. Click on that and a whole set of editing options will come up.

For example, you have the stabilization tab to stabilize shaky clips while the Audio tab will allow you to adjust the volume of the sound in your video. You will also find a tab called “Adjustments”  that will enable you to play with video display effects.

Moreover, the Movavi program allows users to insert text in the video in the form of watermarks and subtitles.

Then, you can always trim out unwanted parts, crop out the edges and rotate clip footage of your video with Movavi Video Converter.

Choose output format

Go to Video located in lower section of program window & click on it. it will allow you to choose the desired output format.

But when you want to convert the video for a mobile device, click on Devices & select the desired ready-made preset from the list.

Convert the video

Click on Folder icon to specify the destination folder of your converted video file. Now, simply click on Convert tab to start the process of conversion.

Features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Supports more than 180 media formats and over 200 mobile-friendly presets
  • Works with video, audio, DVD and images
  • Superfast conversion with no compromise on quality
  • Editing functions available

Useful tips:

If your file is too large, it may create issues while playing on mobile phones. So, it’s better to compress the video with the Movavi program.

After you are done with the editing, click on size value of the video in description section. Then, enter the specific values for bitrate, size and quality. Finally click on Apply to compress the video.