How to Convert Videos to Be Compatible with Various Devices with Movavi Video Converter

Trying to make sure that your videos are compatible with different types of devices can be tedious – especially if you aren’t sure which formats are compatible with those devices. Rather than having to look that up every time (or attempt to memorize it) there is at least one easier way to go about it.

Video Converter

Essentially all that you really need is Movavi Video Converter. It is a simple and lightweight tool that can help you to switch your videos between practically any video formats under the sun in just a few steps:

  1. Click the ‘Add Media’ button near the top-left corner, select ‘Add Video’ and then browse and choose the video that you want to convert.
  2. Click on the ‘Video’ tab and select a format or click on the ‘Devices’ tab and choose a preset to automatically use the best possible format and settings for a particular device or platform.
  3. Click ‘Convert’ to start converting your video.

The presets in Movavi Video Converter are what makes it so easy to convert videos to be compatible with various devices. Seeing as they support all sorts of devices and platforms, all you need to do is pick the device you want to use and the rest will be taken care of automatically. If you want you can even use it as an iTunes converter and upload your video when you’re done.

With the other features in Movavi Video Converter, you’ll be able to tweak your video further. By exploring these features, you will find that you can cut and combine video segments, improve the video quality, insert customizable text, or crop and rotate videos.

In fact the software can also convert both audio and image files between different formats, and perform tasks such as creating animated GIFs out of video clips, grabbing screenshots from individual video frames, or extracting audio tracks from videos. All these additional features really will give you some nice options to play around with and expand the range of what you can do with your media files.

It should be clear by this point that Movavi Video Converter is an exemplary utility to have up your sleeve. Odds are you’ll find yourself using it often to convert videos and make sure they’re compatible with various devices – as well as for other purposes too.