Converting Videos for YouTube Using Movavi Video Converter

Have you ever wanted to upload videos to YouTube but were unable to do so because they were in the wrong format?

Although YouTube generally supports quite a wide range of formats, a lot of non-standard formats from camcorders, digital cameras, and smartphones may not be supported.

Additionally it is always best to use the recommended video format when uploading to YouTube – just to make sure your video turns out as intended.

YouTube Video conversion

Fortunately all these issues can be solved if you’re able to convert your videos into the right format for YouTube. To do that the only thing you really need is Movavi Video Converter, as it will let you convert any format of video and prepare it to be uploaded to YouTube.

The best part is that because of how intuitive it is, you can get the job done quickly.

When you want to convert a video for YouTube, launch Movavi Video Converter and click on the ‘Add Media’ button then click ‘Add Video’ to select and add it.

Once added you should be able to see it in the main interface, and you can then click on the ‘Video’ tab that contains a list of video formats to convert it to.

In this case rather than choosing a specific format, you should click on the ‘Online Video’ category in the ‘Video’ tab and choose one of the YouTube presets. By selecting one of these presets, Movavi Video Converter will automatically use the best possible format and settings for YouTube.

Before you convert the video, you can change the destination folder or choose to have Movavi Video Converter upload the video directly to YouTube when it is done via the ‘Upload to’ checkbox and list.

In any case, to start converting the video just click ‘Convert’ when you’re ready.

That’s all you need to know about how to upload a video to YouTube with Movavi Video Converter. If you set it to upload directly, you will be prompted to set up the upload once the conversion is done.

Additionally you could use some of the other features in Movavi Video Converter to prepare your video before uploading it. With these features you could create animated GIFs, extract audio tracks, enhance the video quality, grab screenshots, cut and join video segments, and a whole lot more.

Suffice to say Movavi Video Converter will give you all the features you could ever need when choosing to convert and prepare videos that you’d like to upload to YouTube, or share in any other fashion.

Be sure to give it a try, as it should make the task of uploading videos a lot easier – and certainly much more convenient.

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