YouTube Minute and its importance in the internet of things

Many spend hours per day on the Internet, yet what happens within each minute, particularly regarding one of the Web’s most trafficked and popular destinations, YouTube?

Let’s begin by conceiving the amount of money produced by the Google-owned and free-to-use multimedia platform.  Easily selling ads to a range of small to huge brands, YouTube made $5.6 billion dollars in 2013.  That breaks down to over $10,000 as each minute goes by!

Yet, Google is not the only winner.  Many unknown and got-rich-quick Web-rities have risen to stardom using the platform.  And, the whimsical yet viral tastes of Web users decide what’s popular and what’s popular for the right reasons.  The Annoying Orange, Grumpy Cat, and Ray William Johnson are just a few names and brands producing big bucks by using the Internet and YouTube.

The channel ‘Smosh’ made $5.7 million due to its popularity and number of views, 3.1 billion.  In essence, an incredibly popular channel becomes a mini Google, demanding more money depending upon the public’s demand and views.  Essentially, a new channel can go ‘viral’ within a day, reaching views in the thousands to millions and changing the lives of those responsible for YouTube’s latest hit.

You may email grandma, pay your mobile phone bill, and check how many shares your latest Twitter post received within a few minutes on the Web, yet when it comes to one of the world’s most-popular sites, what happens in a minute?

100 hours worth of videos uploaded, over 2 million videos watched, and more than 1,300 YouTube channels experience new subscribers.  Read on for a visual representation of a YouTube moment in time.

YouTube Minute

 This Infographic has been created by YTD, a YouTube Downloader app to get videos onto your PC.

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