WordPress the Emerging Monopoly in Open Source CMS (Infographic)

WordPress users increased at an outstanding rate after the release of the version 3.3. Out of every 100 new domains created, 22 in the US belong to WordPress. WP boasts of 3 million searches worldwide per month and Indonesians are the best promoters and users of the WP services and it ranks 8th in that country. Apart from being the best, WordPress is the easiest CMS available.

WordPress was an unsecure system in its early stages, many updates have made it much more secure over the years. There are many plugins to secure and optimise your site under a minute. This kind of flexibility has not been maintained in any other CMS foundations.

Among the various CMS providers WordPress is growing at an outstanding rate and this infographic tells about that.

WordPress CMS Infographic

Infrographic contributed by: WPTemplate

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