The Wireless Gaming Mouse for the Ultimate Gamer

You have probably seen hundreds of gaming mice, and this is because the gaming mouse is undeniably a saturated market. If you are looking for a gaming mouse, make sure that you know what you want and what you need because there are so many you can choose from—difference brands, different sizes, colors and aesthetics. However, there may be a long list of gaming mice you can choose from but according to industry experts, Logitech G700s’ wireless capability and top notch quality is certainly the gaming mouse you should look for.

It seems like Logitech has been on a winning streak the past few months, especially after the release of the highly reviewed Logitech G710+ gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard, when paired with the G700s gaming mouse, gives avid gamers an unparalleled gaming experience, something many people would like to experience for themselves. You see, gaming is one of the major uses of computers and as technology continues to rule over our lives, more and more people get drawn to gaming for entertainment, leisure and recreational purposes. Gaming may not be as complicated as, let’s say, managing a PBX system or setting up a server but gamers, especially those who are particular with the equipment they use, have very specific requirements and fortunately, Logitech is able to meet these requirements.

At First Sight

The Logitech G700s is definitely loved at first sight. Some gamers were initially hesitant since the gaming mouse appears to be quite larger than what they were used to. If you have had bad experiences with larger gaming mice in the past, worry not. The G700s will certainly be the exception to your No Large Gaming Mouse rule. This gaming mouse, unlike others that are similar in size, is surprisingly easy to grip, comfortable, and feels good against bare hands. Its thumb rest area is also more spacious, which is only logical considering its size. If you loathe the feeling of your hands sticking to the surface then this mouse is the perfect device for you. According to Logitech, the palm area of this gaming mouse has hydrophobic coating which shields your hand from the surface. Aside from this, the hydrophobic coating also doubles as anti-slip material. Comfortable, sturdy and feels good—if these are your gaming mouse requirements, go ahead and get your very own G700s now.

Endearing Features

Unlike the regular mouse we use with our desktop computers for web browsing or typing, most gaming mice have additional features and the Logitech G700s is no exception. It is equipped with so many buttons but is distinctly not crowded or overwhelming for the user. It is important to note that all of the G700s buttons are located at specific and strategic positions which make for a more pleasant gaming experience. Despite the large size of the mouse, gamers won’t have a hard time reaching or hitting specific buttons because all of them can be easily reached without much effort. If you have had the chance to use a desktop computer before, you must already be familiar with the usual buttons found on top of the mouse which consist of the left, center and right mouse buttons. Logitech G700s also has these buttons with the additional of four more found on the side of the mouse, two under the middle button, and three more buttons on the top corner. They are actually fascinating to look at because upon closer inspection, you will notice that they are asymmetrical. This isn’t solely for aesthetics but they were deliberately positioned that way to make sure that the fingers can easily access them at any given time.

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