Creating Windows Backup Regularly And What If It Got Corrupted!

computer backupDoubtless to say that that creating backup regularly for any operating system including Windows OS is a good and essential practice. This is because the backup file serves as one of the reliable means to restore data files in case the original system content gets inaccessible due to one or several different causes. Creating backup is actually having the replica copy of the stored data on the machine. In this way by making backups users have two copies of the same files at two different locations. These replicas prove to be highly useful in situations such as:

  1. The data files can be restored if the original actual data somehow get inaccessible that could be either due to accidental deletion, deliberate deletion, formatting or corruption issues.
  2. To restore the originally created content files on a different version of Windows machine, when moving to new or old releases of the same platform.

For example; if migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 then the XP backup file can be restored. Therefore, the importance of creating Windows backup regularly is no doubt very high. The significance of backup is also because without having backup, the retrieval of one’s crucial and important data would not be possible at any cost.

  • But the real problem arises when the restoration process fails, so we should not leave any stone unturned in recovering the data items. To do this it is equally important to know the reasons behind the crash of restoring.

Know About Windows Backup Restoration Failure

So after knowing the importance of backup if you have created the same in either versions of the Windows OS file but failed to restore it properly then there could be several causes behind it but the three major reasons behind the malfunction are as follows:

  1. The correct method to restore was not employed
  2. Right steps of a particular procedure were not followed
  3. The backup got damaged due to different reasons

To recognize the exact cause and to succeed in restoring, the failure in the due process has to be looked upon determinately. It is so because users who understood the importance of creating Windows backup regularly and thereby made it up using either of the available utilities would find it useless if they are not able to extract the files from backup.

Get Acquainted With the Reliable Backup Utilities

Though there are different lines of thoughts about the backup tools that should be used to make backup, the two most reliable utilities that should be actually utilized for MS Windows OS are as under:

ü  Windows NTBackup

ü  VERITAS Backup

Both these utilities create BKF file for the backup, which means that the backup is stored in .bkf file format. These backed up .bkf file can be easily restored on the same system in which it was produced, or on the destination machine if the data files need to get transferred on another machine having same or different OS version. It all depends on the user’s requirement and necessity.

Note – Backup made by the above suggested utilities may also get corrupt if not handled properly. Hence, in such cases measures should necessarily be taken to repair damaged .bkf file. But the query arises as how to extract files from corrupt BKF file. Learn How?

BKF File Corrupted – Key for Booming Recovery

So users who were aware of the importance of creating Windows backup regularly and so made it but are now stuck with its corruption issues, resulting in failure of restoration process may use a third party tool. Among many solutions available for repairing damaged backup files of .bkf format, an application recognized as BKF Repair can surely be brought in use. This is due to the fact that the tool has proven its reliability since years with its quick scan facility in recovering and extracting data files from corrupt Windows .bkf file.

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