Microsoft to win back the Customers with the Release of Windows 9

In spite of the rumors of a hard line shipping schedule and development, but still there is no official statement about the next Windows version, but there are lot of rumors plus more constant information from job adverts for the Windows and Windows Phone teams.

One of the rumors that come out is that Windows 9 will be concluded in the month of July or August this year, a year after Windows 8 has been released and introduced in the market.

But still it is not clear if it will be available to the customers instantly in the course of Windows Update or the PC makers will have time to integrate and test updates for their systems in July, providing hardware partners enough time of testing before its launch date in August.

Perhaps Windows 9 is more favorable among users because it is a little bit cheaper, smaller and more applications. CFO Peter Klein provide a statement about the last Microsoft earnings that Microsoft received a messages that Windows 8 tablets should be cheaper, and their growth basically depends on their ability to provide clients a thrilling hardware they wish, at the most reasonable price, he added.

Windows 9 rumor release date

WinRT apps and Windows Phone both run on Windows phone and Windows – revealed by another Microsoft job advert. “If you are a user that wishes that the code you write for Windows Store apps will work also in Windows Phone and vice versa then it seems that Windows 9 is right for you”, he added. He also claimed that “They are the team leading the charge to carry much of the .NET Windows Store profile and WinRT API surface to the phone”.

Moreover, the current Channel 9 video that featured Bruce Worthington, the leader of the team working on Windows power management fundamentals, incorporated some rather technical features about power saving in Windows and the recent development in Windows 8.

He explained that “as you look at the figure of times they would wake up the CPU every second”, “you would basically see figures per one millisecond in the case of Windows 7”, he added. They designed CPU to wake up a thousand times for every second. “If you take a glance on a clean Windows 8, you can see a numbers that are far better than a hundred milliseconds”, he further added.

For the features, they predict that Windows 8 is based on Microsoft patents and technologies they’ve seen from the demonstration of Microsoft leaders like CTO Craig Mundie, that didn’t make it into the operating system. Actually there are features that Microsoft plans to every version of Windows get score to distribute promptly, in some cases they reemerge, sometimes they don’t.

And perhaps the full experience will arrive with Windows 9. But this is just the way of starting Windows to play media files in a particular reason OS and as well there are developments in Hyper-V for Windows Server 8 that probably Microsoft uses it in order to make Windows 9 perform better for this, similar to being able to be in motion a virtual device around while it’s running”, the patent explains.

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