Windows 8 hasn’t received great users’ attention, but recognized to be extremely secure!

Do you know that Windows Vista has beaten the uptake of Windows 8, in the first two months? The uptake of Windows 8 is 1.9 percent and that of Windows Vista was 2.2 percent. We accept that users might have found it difficult to work with the interface of Windows 8, for example: to shut down the W8 system, you need to follow a set of procedure, which is easier in the other versions of Windows. Every function seems to have complex procedure.

 Windows 8 Pro Security Features

However, the security aspect of Windows 8 is higher than most versions of Windows O.S. It is a well known fact that Microsoft’s programs contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited, to misuse the user’s data. Do you, however, know that Windows 8 has enhanced security features? The improved security features manage your data in a more secured manner, giving a tough time to the mischief-makers to exploit the vulnerable programs of your O.S.

Let us have a glimpse of the better security arrangements in Windows 8.

Windows Defender – An Integrated Antivirus

If you’re a Microsoft user, then you might know about Microsoft Security Essentials. Similarly, Windows 8 has Windows Defender. This monitors the activity of your system, and the moment it finds any suspected program, it will intimate you. With the installation of different antivirus software, Windows Defender will be automatically deactivated. However, the appreciating bit is it that it makes sure that your system has a consistency of antivirus protection.

Anti-malware launches during boot-up

The anti-malware in the Windows 8 system launches during the early stage of boot-up process. How does this make a difference? Yes, it does. There are certain smart, but culprit programs that may attempt to run before the launch of anti-malware program. This is their way to escape the trap made by the user, by running anti-malware program. So, an early launch of anti-malware may disturb the smart behavior of these programs, and your laptop will be free of unwanted programs.

Smart screen filter

Previously, this feature was used by the browsers. Microsoft has decided to add this feature to its new operating system, to make it more secure. Smart screen filter prevents your system from being infected by malware programs. When you download a program, this feature will scan the ‘exe’ files and the system will send a signature link to the Microsoft servers. If the files are found to be good, then the program will be allowed to run. However it will be prevented, if the case is other way around.

There is a chance of latest malware launch. In such a case, the malware program will be a stranger to the system and it will alert you from running it. Then, it is you, who has to approach this program cautiously, to avoid any sort of damage.

This operating system will certainly, be helpful to the inexperienced users. We cannot expect every user to be an expert in dealing with virus programs or having an ability to detect the malicious programs. Virus is an issue that cannot be neglected either, so you can keep your data secure by using Windows 8.

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