Having Wi-Fi in Your Home or Office

Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is the technology that allows you to access the Internet without the need for any data cables.  Since the Internet signal is being transmitted wirelessly, you can use handheld devices such as the tablet computer and the mobile phone to access the Internet. The big difference between having an Internet connection and Wi-Fi is you may not need to pay for the latter. That’s because there are business establishments or transport companies that provide their customers with free Wi-Fi. Another nice thing about Wi-Fi is you can access the Internet from any place such as the mall, the park, or restaurant. You can even access the Internet while riding on the bus or on the train.

Having Wi-Fi in your home or office allows you a great deal of mobility. This is particularly true if you are talking to your customers or business partners through the use of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the Internet by using your computer or mobile phone. With the use of Wi-Fi, you can talk over the phone regardless of where you are in your home or office.  To allow you to maximize the benefits from using this technology, you should take some steps in improving its operation. Here are some of those ways.


Change the Position of Your Wireless Router

According to the article 5 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Wi-Fi Performance, placing the wireless router in the central part of your home or office allows its range to cover your entire office area. There are times when it is difficult to access the Internet through the use of Wi-Fi. That’s because the user may be too far away from the source of the signal. In order for him/her to get a better reception, the user must move closer to the source of the Internet signal. Placing the Wi-Fi router right in the middle of an area keeps users from having to determine the area where the signal is at its strongest. The article also suggests that it would be a good idea to place the Wi-Fi router in an elevated area such as the ceiling of an office space. This ensures that everyone would be able to access the Internet signal.

Make Sure That Nothing Interferes with the Signal

One reason why users are not able to access the Wi-Fi signal very well is the presence of some obstacles like tall steel cabinets, the mainframe computer, or the stairs. Obstacles like these weaken the strength of the signal thus making users experience poor reception.  The article advises that the wireless router should be moved off the floor and away from walls and metal objects. You could also avoid using other wireless devices such as cordless phones and microwave ovens as these tend to interfere with the signal coming from your Wi-Fi router. Good reception is a must for any business as this allows us to talk well with customers or business partners. Good and clear telephone conversation paves the way for successful business transactions.

Use a Wireless Repeater

You might also find it difficult to change the location of your wireless network. That’s because you may need it to be near your broadband modem. To get over this impediment, the article suggests using a wireless repeater. This device boosts the signal coming from the Wi-Fi router and enables the people at your home to access the Internet even from the farthest location.

These suggestions certainly help improve the reception of the signal coming from your Wi-Fi router. In turn, it contributes to better use of the mobile phone not only in accessing the Internet but also in effective conversation with customers or business partners.

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