Why the SEO Game Becomes Complicated Day by Day

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has stuffed the search engines with tricky content and tactics based text. Basically, around 20% of the internal SEO i.e. Back links and affiliated marketing etc. is yet calculated as a business tactic. However, the search engines, especially Google are quite angry with the rising 80% external SEO i.e. blogs, comments, articles, and features etc.

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Google developed several ways to optimize better content in terms of ranking. However, SEO techniques are similarly transformed for the sake of better ranking. What Google wants now is to give genuine and real content to the visitors, which ‘actually’ benefits them. Most of the web designers take SEO as a game between the website and the search engine. However, the game becomes complicated day by day due to the increased involvement of Google in the content marketing.

What Google Wants?

Thousands of people from almost every country surf on the Google for one reason or the other. These people want real answers from the genuine people. A medical student would want to receive information from a genuine medical personnel, and not the information which is compiled in the article by some high school freelancer, who is very good at research and SEO. Google wants to give its people real content!

What Is Penguine Release?

Penguin Release is an algorithm which Google released to scrutinize all the artificial SEO websites and companies i.e. the companies who use Black Hat SEO techniques. The purpose of Penguin Release was not only to analyze the interlinking of the websites, but also to keep a check on the social networking connection with the websites of the companies. On the other hand, social networking sites, especially the Facebook started cleansing the forum from all the fake accounts. These fake accounts were particularly made by the special employees or promotion freelancers who were destined to promote the content of the websites.

Predicted Future

The SEO experts predict the future of most of the SEO based websites as ‘dead’ by the end of 2014. They say that Google and social networking sites will develop such applications, software and algorithms which will work as a filter. These tools will clear up all the websites based on the Black SEO.

What To Do?

Despite the fact that internal SEO is in the hands of Google now, it is a reality that SEO based writing is the only technique which will survive in the war between websites and the search engines. However, the market of freelancers will see a considerable increase in value and pricing.

Another surviving tool would be genuine social media content. It means the content that is not only posted on the social media, but is also liked, shared and discussed on the social networking forums.

The last most effective tool would be a PR. Companies having genuine relations with other companies or websites will develop genuine promotional strategies for each other. Such websites will work as interactive promotional tools and will automatically gain better SEO. Such websites would be totally safe from the search engine filter.

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