What’s Next for Dads, Moms, and Their Tech Gifts

After unwrapping your gifts this Christmas, you’re delighted to discover that they’re all solid, shiny, brand new, and pricey — almost everything you’d wished for on your pre-Holiday wishlist. But then, how exactly would you get yourself acquainted with them once you finally laid your hands on these uber expensive items? Check this out.

For the mom who got an iPad

This year, you’re given a magical new device that responds with a flick of a hand and a tap of a button. But it was much more than what your 1980s Apple computer can do; and much more than what you can fathom. Here’s what you are to do if you keep asking yourself what a ‘touchscreen’ is.

  • Check if your device has the latest version of iOS. Open the device and find the information detailed on the Settings app and check for updates. As of this writing, iOS 6.0.1 is the standard.
  • Install Google Maps. Apple’s native mapping app is horrible. Fortunately, Google is coming to the rescue. Don’t get lost and download this app.
  • Download some good apps. Apps like Evernote, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the basic things you’ll need if your iPad for personal use. However, if you’re a highly mobile worker, the RingCentral app, Salesforce Mobile, and Dropbox for the iPad are good tools to get you started.
  • Drain and recharge. If you’re using it for the first time, which you are most likely going to, you must drain the power down to zero before recharging it. This will help you extend your battery’s overall life and capacity in the future.

For the dad who got a Windows 8 laptop

You’ve struggled for years using an old, sluggish PC with outdated software. Today, you finally got a brand-spanking-new computer from your son who recently got a promotion. It was such a sweet gesture that you greatly appreciate; but given your dwindling eyesight and hatred for simple and non-beveled UI, you’re finding it hard to fire it up until now. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Familiarize yourself with Windows 8. Stop complaining about the lack of the Start button and get down to work by reading up on the shortcuts, new features, and how-tos concerning this new operating system. You’ll get the hang of it eventually.
  • Touch it. Find out if your new laptop has touchscreen capabilities. You see, this OS is tablet-optimized, but not every device is getting the ‘full’ Windows 8 treatment as certain gestures would be easier with touchscreens. You’re lucky if you do; if you don’t, expect to spend some more time reading stuff about the know-hows of the new OS grafted onto a traditional laptop.
  • Customize it. Why spend the rest of your life looking at default Windows-provided slideshows when you can watch Porsche cars or bikini girls (in Porsche cars?) during idle times on your laptop? Check out guides such as this one from LifeHacker to get the party started.
  • Ensure security on your device. It’s good that Microsoft finally offered a built-in antivirus solution this time around with Windows Defender, but it will be better if you’ll have alternative security solutions installed just in case. Invest on a good antivirus protection package from a third-party security software manufacturer, so you’ll feel 10 times more secure when using your laptop.

Even if you’re not exactly the most technologically adept parent, you can still enjoy your children’s tech gifts especially now that you already know where to start.


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