What to Expect from iPhone’s iOS 6?

If you are unsure if you should upgrade your iPhone 4S to the new iPhone 5, do not worry because you can test drive the new OS 6 by downloading the update. In fact, the upgrade to iOS 6 has been available since September 19. This way, you can enjoy the new features that Apple is boasting about in the iOS 6 without upgrading your device.

And if you do like what you see with the new OS, then maybe you will enjoy it more on the thinner and lighter iPhone 5 that is equipped with a 4 inch screen. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us see first what you should expect from the new iOS 6:


No more downloading of 3rd party apps just to take panoramic photos with your iPhone. The iOS 6 upgrades the camera feature of the phone just for that.


The virtual assistant feature of the iPhone just got an upgrade. The iOS 6 gives Siri new functionalities that simplify common tasks and gives users more useful information. So are you a sports buff? Siri provides yahoo-powered search results in seconds. Need a movie review? Siri gives you answers from Rotten Tomatoes. Siri also makes it that it is easier to give voice commands with less verbiage required with its smarter comprehension skills.

Facebook Integration

Everybody uses Facebook and though it took Apple a long time, there is finally great integration with Facebook through the iOS 6. It also includes a feature that automatically syncs your iCloud contacts with your Facebook Friends. The new interface is so easy to use so you can like other posts, upload pictures and tag your friends to your heart’s content. You know what? If that sounds too hard, just ask Siri to do it for you.

The New Passbook

The iOS 6 also launched their mobile wallet feature. It allows you to store and organize your passes like store gift cards, retail coupons, movie passes, loyalty cards, etc. in your phone. Not only is it replacing its paper and plastic counterparts, it might be trouble for online wallets like PayPal and Square. After all, a lot of their functions will be available through the iPhone’s Passbook.

Improved Mail

The simple fact that you can get a draft back from the draft folder by just pressing the compose button by a couple of seconds instead of going the long route has already got me convinced. But it also has improved the interface and added a VIP list so that you will not miss an important mail from specific people.

Better browsing

The iOS 6 also improves the browsing for smoother Safari surfing. It lets you upload photos and files from your camera roll without leaving Safari. It also saves web pages (not just links) so you go back to it even without Internet connection. There are also no latency issues, so VoIP service apps also run smoothly.


This is where iOS 6 missed. There was a lot said about how great their 3D renders are until users got Inception like images on their iPhones. That is the price Apple paid for dropping Google Maps who has the biggest map data in the world. Sure you will be getting the right directions, but don’t expect the image to improve anytime soon.

iOS6 is the best incarnation of the Apple mobile operating system, whether it is the best over other OS like Android or Windows, though, is up for debate.

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