Website Design Development : In-house Vs Outsourcing

The accomplishment of objectives of e-commerce depend to a large extent on the design of the Website. Website is the brain, heart and soul of any eCommerce venture. One of the basic decisions taken in the planning phase of Website development life cycle is whether the Web should be designed in-house or whether the job of Web design should be assigned to an outside agency. The decision regarding Web design development in-house or outsourcing it is complicated because of the advantages and disadvantages associated with both the scenarios.

The Advantages of In-house Development of Web Design are :
1. In-house development of Web-design ensures control over the entire project.
2. The frequent changes required in Web-design due to changing business environment can be incorporated easily and cheaply because the staff associated with Web design will be familiar with the details.
3. In-house development of Web-design ensures that ownership of copyright in the Website is owned by the e-business .

The Drawbacks Associated with In-house Development of Web Design are:
1. Web design development is a specialized job. The experience and expertise required for Web design development may not be necessarily available in-house. Specialists may include programmers, graphic artists, Web designers and managers.
2. In-house development of Web-design requires selection and purchase of hardware and software tools which may be quite expensive.
3. The turnover of IT professionals is very high.
4. In-house Web design development generally takes more time.
5. Risk of doing a poor job is always associated with in-house development of Web-design.

The Advantages of Web Design Outsourcing are :

1. Outsourcing Web design work can save a start-up e-business time and cost by saving the cost of recruiting and hiring in-house Web design professionals.
2. Outsourcing Web design enables an e-business to access experienced design specialists who are familiar with best practices and current technological changes. This results in production of high quality Web design.
3. Web design developed by specialists generally have longer life cycle because there is far more user experience behind the design.
4. Outsourcing enables an e-business to take advantage of a usability analysis before the Web design is completed.

The Drawbacks of Web Design Outsourcing are :
1. Up-dation and maintenance of Web sites designed by outsiders is more time consuming and expensive.
2. Outsourcing raises issues such as the ownership of contents of Website. Designer may keep the ownership of copyright in the Website.

The “make or buy” decision could be taken keeping the following factors in mind:
1. The required expertise is not available outside the company or is too expensive.
2. The application being developed is mission critical and the organisation would like to have a complete control throughout the life cycle of its development.
3. The application development is long drawn and hence, is cost-effective if developed and maintained in-house.
4. For confidentiality reasons too, the decision may be swayed in favour of in-house development.


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  2. In my opinion we should go for in-house web development if you have knowledge as it has more security and control over the project as above said…. It will also give us freedom to make modifications easily lateron.

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