Top Apps You Need

Sometimes, installing apps is like a recipe for option paralysis – you don’t exactly know if this app or that is what you need, even though your geeky self is impressed with what the app can do. It’s a case of having too many toys on the table.

In coming up with top apps that you need, it’s important to realize that while we wanted to come up with specific apps, people do tend to have their own quirks, so we’ve come up with a general range of apps that you might need. imagesCommunication

For some, this may seem like a case of Captain Obvious giving in a guest appearance. However, we’re not talking about just a mobile line. For example, once you do have mobile internet, you should have instant messaging apps, and the one you choose should, logically, be the messaging network where most of your friends and family are. Another one to think about is that you might want to invest in a VoIP provider that has an app; it’s also a plus in points if the VoIP connection has a landline crossover, PBX capabilities, and even voice mailbox and fax functions. This is particularly effective if you tend to work while on the go, or if you have a home business but you don’t want to stay in one place all day.

Social Media

If you’re not in any social media network, then this section probably does not appeal to you. However, if you are, it’s a good idea to download the official app for the network. A social media aggregator app isn’t a good idea, as many social media networks now have very different thematic functions. However, here’s a hint: if you’re really based on only one network, but have multiple social media accounts, do setup up posting rights, so that one post to your main social media profile can easily go to all your other accounts.

File readers

When you’re thinking about mobile devices, one of the important issues is the ability to read a file that’s been sent to you – but not necessarily the ability to write or edit in that file format. This works in many ways. For business applications, you can review files and take down notes, to be sent in a separate e-mail. For others, the idea of a reader works when you have your favorite reading material loaded into your mobile device, removing the need for a pocket book (though reading text on a small screen may be a bit off-putting – this idea works more for phablets and full tablet devices).

Map apps

Map apps are probably the most developed app type when it comes to interacting with the environment. Thanks to GPS tracking, you can place yourself with accuracy in a map – and the map doesn’t have to be a simple one. Many map apps have databases for restaurants, shops and other establishments that are in the area. For some, they even have reviews, user comments, ratings and even call-through functions so you can call ahead before visiting.

This is, of course, aside from how some map apps can give you the shortest route to your destination, or even offer you options for walking, public transportation, and travel by car.


If there is one thing that we all hate, it’s bad weather. A weather app serves as our ultimate friend when it looks like the weather isn’t on our side. You can get forecasts and even extreme weather alerts. Some weather apps even deliver news feeds for the local area, or for keywords that you set. It’s as if these apps are practically designed to give you something to read if you’re caught in a café somewhere, waiting out the bad weather.

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