Top Apps that can Sync your Smartphone to your Tablet

Tablets are very popular devices at the moment. They have that same basic capabilities of a smartphone but their power is significantly more. However, to get the most out of a tablet, one needs to have a good idea as to the apps one needs to use. Often vital documents need to be in sync across a plethora of devices. This is due to the fact that people may start working on a project on the tablet when they are on the move and then finish it on the PC or smartphone afterwards. One needs not undergo the hassle of transferring files to a smartphone from a tablet and vice-versa every time one needs something in sync. There are many apps which can do this for you without wasting your time.


Office Mobile This app has been developed by Microsoft and is available for a variety of mobile Operating Systems. First of all, this app is actually a portable version of the Microsoft Office used by all PC users. Apart from basic editing functions this app in not capable of much except for its ability to sync data between your tablet, smartphone and PC. Use of Office Mobile requires a paid subscription to Office 365 but you also get access to extra space on Windows Live SkyDrive if you do so. SkyDrive is the cloud storage service run by Microsoft. The Nokia mobile price includes this app and makes syncing with your Microsoft documents really simple.

Calendar and Contacts

MyPhoneExplorer– My Phone Explorer is a third party app available for Android tablets which helps you to keep your tablet contacts as well as calendar information like important appointments and meeting times in sync with other devices like a smartphone. The app must be installed on both the devices in order to be used. The app actually syncs itself with Microsoft Outlook so that your contact and calendar details can be in sync.

ITunes-   For iOS users, syncing data is a breeze thanks to the awesome feature called iTunes built into every Apple mobile and computing device. An iTunes account needs to be paid for but one can get so much out of it. First, you need to sync your data on the iPad, iPhone or Mac to your iTunes account. Once that is done, you can access the said data from any other Apple device you might have.

Multimedia Files

Dropbox- Dropbox is now the world leader when it comes to a simple and hassle free cloud storage solution. This wonderful service is available across a plethora of Operating Systems. In order to use the service, one needs to download and install the app. The app allows you to upload your files so that you can then access it from anywhere. This ability also means that your files can be kept in perfect sync no matter the current device you are using. Multimedia files can be transferred to and from a smartphone and a tablet easily and documents too.


Evernote- Taking and jotting down of notes has never been so important. One may feel the necessity to take down notes no matter one’s profession. Tablets are great devices when it comes to taking down notes, thanks to their larger screen space. The problem arises when one needs to keep the notes in sync over a number of devices. Evernote is an app which deals with it efficiently. This is a note taking and managing software but also allows you to keep your notes in sync over your computer, smartphone and tablet. The great thing about the software is that it is now available for all mobile OS.

Browser Details

Google Chrome- Chrome is an internet browser created by Google and is available as an app in all the mobile OS. With the help of one simple and free account at Google, one can get access to all the service offered by Google including Gmail and Calendar functions. The account also allows you to sync your complete browsing details in Chrome with itself so that you can access your bookmarks, browsing history and other details no matter which device you are using. Even the Micromax tablet price ensures you get a tablet which can sync all the relevant information from your Chrome account at a cheap cost.

More and more people are opting for multiple mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to use in their professional as well as their personal life. Syncing data has always been a source of great problems and now it is become more important as people are using more devices. Hopefully these apps will lessen the problem or remove it completely.

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