Top 5 Killer Ideas for a Successful Blog

While setting up a new blog comes with much enthusiasm, running it over time starts to become stressful. One of the main hurdles that contribute to this is the lack of ideas on what to write posts on. Although you can try Goggling for post ideas, this can still hit a dead end. Luckily for you, you can use this resource for blog post ideas. This resource outlines some of the ideas that you can build on to churn out full blog posts for your blog quickly.

Idea #1: Start a Contest

If you can afford to give away a gift, however small, then this might be your big idea. Start a contest that awards participants. Ensure that your contest helps you drive traffic to your blog while also cementing your brand awareness. Tailor the contest to allow the participants to tell their friends about the contest. You will be amazed at the explosion that your traffic gets.

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Idea #2: Try Something New

This one works wonders too. Go out and try something new out there then blog about it. Besides the post giving you a boost in traffic from interested people, it also gives your business a human face. It allows your audience to relate to you, connecting you more to them. Take care though to go out and try something that a majority of your audience has probably never tried if you want unseen success.

Idea #3: Tell a Secret

Have you ever noticed how people love gossip about other people’s secrets? Now, as much as this may not be easy, go ahead and open your closet just a bit for your audience. Tell them something about yourself that no one knows about. Generate a whole post around this and see how greatly it boosts your traffic and interaction. While at it, try to make the story entertaining.

Idea #4: Make an Info graphic

Take a statistic or an event and create an infographic about it. Combining images with texts always works wonders. An infographic also allows you to communicate a message in a relaxed way, easily incorporating opinion and entertainment. Over 70% of your website visitors will stop to look at an infographic as soon as they spot it. Take advantage of that attention span and communicate something useful.

Idea #5: An In-depth Guide

Being an authority in your niche, may make you find this one easy. Simply identify an area of interest and create an in-depth guide about it. From arts, to survival, repairs and even travel tips, all these work great. People love reading a thorough guide on a given topic. If you can, include some do-it-yourself tips there-in. This will make it even more interesting.

These are just 5 of the many ideas that can help you generate traffic winning blog posts for your blog. A little research and brainstorming within your niche can bring out thousands of topics and ideas from which you can create very attractive content. Remember, it is all about attracting, engaging, informing and educating your blog visitors. So, keep your posts simple, fun and interesting all the times.

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