The Top 5 Apps for iOS 7

The Top 5 Apps for iOS 7

IPhones are one of the finest gadgets that people love to owe. With the recent release of a new interface iOS 7, the users can enjoy an entirely new experience of exploring the apps as well as other amazing features. If you have purchased a new iPhone model, your gadget will be equipped with the latest version iOS 7 that offers an incredible experience. The other users can also explore the new interface by upgrading their devices to the fresh interface. The new version supports a number of applications that are very impressive as well as appealing. So if you are fond of downloading new apps on your iPhones, here are the top 5 apps that are must for every gadget.

TeeVee 2

It is one of the fabulous apps that keep you updated with the latest happenings on the television. If you love to watch TV shows, you can easily grab the information about the different episodes as well as its schedule. With the help of this app, you can easily keep in touch with what is happening in your favorite show and collect all the news. This is a very good app available at a small price of $1.99. So if you are interested in trying this app, you can download the same on your iPhone, install it and start using it. One can pick out the Jabong discount coupons to get a deal on this device as well.


With growing usage of Apple’s flagship phone among kids, it has become absolutely necessary to supervise their smartphone and online activities for their own safety. There are plenty of iPhone parental controls available online that offer immaculate online safety for your youngsters, but if you’re looking for a complete package that actually delivers on the promise, then it leaves SecureTeen as the most reliable option. This nifty app cleverly identifies all the risks associated with smartphone and internet privileges for kids, and empowers you through a wide array of features to tackle them effectively. Internet filtering and web history logging, social media monitoring, SMS and MMS logging, device management, location tracking, you name it and it has it. The protection offered by SecureTeen costs no more than a yearly fee of $39.99, with a single license allowing you to monitor up to three devices.


If you are fond of reading news on your gadget, Flipboard is the best application combining the parallax theme in a superb manner. The brilliant features easily bring the news live to you so that you do not find the stuff boring. Even the visual features create an eye catching impression on the minds of the people thus making it one of the popular apps to be downloaded by many users. It is a free app and can be enjoyed through the new interface.


If you wish to give a wonderful surprise to your spouse or wish to take your family for a dinner, OpenTable allows you to make dinner reservations at some of the finest restaurants in your local area. Apart from the option of advance booking, you can also explore information about the different restaurants and also collect the reviews. It is a free app and one can have a look at the Zovi couponsto get a great deal as well.


If you are tired of the slow version of your Gmail messenger, go for Mailbox which is faster and helps you to manage your mails and other stuff brilliantly. This app has been upgraded for the new iOS 7 so that users can enjoy a better experience of managing mails without much problem. It is a free app with superior features and faster performance that attracts the people.

So these are the top 5 apps that you can download to your device!

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