Top 5 apps for Cricket lovers

Cricket is popularly known as the gentleman’s game and even though it is not as popular as football, there are still a sizable number of vociferous supporters of the game, especially in India. This phenomenon has translated into the world of smartphones, where there are thousands of excellent sports apps, yet it is hard to come by good and quality apps for cricket. That doesn’t mean, however, that useful apps do not exist. They do, and we have brought you a list of the best apps available for a cricket fan.

Cricket Companion

This nifty app provides a very in-depth analysis on the matches taking place live. Statistics and match related news are available at your fingertips along with commentary. Another great feature that comes with this app is the competition feature call Cricket Genius. You can actually win money by predicting the correct outcome of matches. Most cricket leagues along with the international series and matches are covered with this app.



This beautiful application is considered, by many enthusiasts, to be the best app that is tailor made for all things cricket. It has all the features that one looks for in a sports app like match commentary, score updates, match and other cricket-related news, player stats, fixtures, team stats and others. There are other features that are required in a cricket app like the ranking system of the players and the teams which represents data from all formats of the game, namely Test, ODI and T20. A points table is available for all ongoing tournaments, regional as well as international. Cricket lovers who enjoy keeping tab on live scores could pay heed to the Micromax touch screen mobile price, which has plummeted significantly off late. This app works like a charm on new phones from this brand and will keep you updated in real-time even when you’re on the move.



As the name should suggest, this app is specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad. This app pulls news related to cricket from various sources and presents them to you in a neat and effective manner. By setting specific alerts you can receive news related to only the specified teams. The app notifies you after the fall of each wicket or after every 10 overs. The commentary is text based and is sent to you ball by ball. In the department of stats, there are no complaints as you will find the stats of all the players registered in the ICC and these stats are regularly updated. The app functions smoothly on any of the latest releases from the LG touch screen mobile price list and will keep any cricket fan engrossed for as long as the phone battery lasts. There is also a quiz feature that is quite interesting.


Cricket Trivia

Can’t get enough of the gentleman’s game? If you are one of those people who hunger for more knowledge about cricket or just a regular person who likes to gather interesting facts about cricket then this app is one that you should definitely check out. Compiled from the best sources available, this app’s database boasts thousands of fun and quirky information regarding cricketers, teams and matches. All this is presented to you in the form of a highly enjoyable quiz. Beware, this app can get addictive!

Street Cricket

Possibly the most fun and enjoyable format of cricket is not the T20 format, rather the street form of cricket. In the streets, the rules are complete changed and are different from professional cricket. Some of the rules are even non-existent. This adds to the fun and insurmountable glee of winning a match of only 5 overs. The same fun is now available in Street Cricket, a game made for smartphones. The controls are quite simple and easy to master as are the rules.

Street Cricket App

In Short

Nowadays, there is no need for the cricket fan to stay at home and watch an entire cricket match which can be extremely long at times. Whole working days were wasted earlier due to these matches. Now you can simply download an app and enjoy the match as you go about your daily business.

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