A Week Away from the new iPhone 5: details and specifications

As we’re so close to the official unveiling of the new iPhone 5 I thought it would be nice to take a look back and recap over everything that we think we know so far about the new iPhone5 and what to expect from it, then after the 12th September we can look back and see just how much of what we thought we know, actually made it through to the new iPhone 5.

iphone 5

A couple of things that we do know for almost certain are that the new iPhone 5 will have a different design, and that it is going to be officially unveiled by Apple on September 12th (possibly accepting pre-order sales that very same day) and then going on sale several days later on September 21st.

Besides that, we have a good idea of some of the new specifications and features on the new iPhone 5, as well as a good idea of what the new device is going to look like – it’s similar to the iPhone 4S, maintaining that minimalistic Apple design feel, but looks different enough to warrant plenty of excitement from Apple fans worldwide.

What’s new in the design? The new iPhone 5 is both taller and slimmer than its predecessor, over one third slimmer than the 4S and a fraction taller – making enough extra space on the screen to fit an extra row of app icons.

The iPhone 5 also has a relocated headphone jack (moved from the top of the phone to the bottom) and a new-and-improved smaller dock connector.

There have also been rumours and even leaked pictures of the new iPhone 5 and a new metallic back plate. It looks much smarter and more professional than the plain black or white glossy back plate on the iPhone 4S. Once again with this new iPhone, Apple are making the SIM card even smaller (going from MicroSIM to NanoSIM).

What’s new in the features and specification? We can’t be sure until Apple confirm the specifications on the 12th of this month, but we have a pretty good idea that the new iPhone is going to bring us super-fast 4G LTE networking, a much improved camera (the iPhone 4S is 8 Megapixels), a quicker and more powerful processor, and improved battery life.

Not to mention the new features and new apps that will be coming with iOS 6 (which will be released alongside the new iPhone around the 21st September). Also the power of Cloud comes with iOS 6.

Overall there are a number of great new features coming to the new device, it’s going to be the best selling smartphone of 2012 – that’s for sure!

What do you think of the new iPhone 5? Do you like the design? Do you think it hasn’t changed enough? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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