The Most Popular Smartphones

Ever since mobile phones could be used to access the internet, phone manufacturers have constantly been offering something new to the consumers. Now, 60% of the mobile phone users have smartphones.  The popularity of this handset is because it allows people to have internet visibility wherever they are.  Are you wondering what the most popular smartphones are?  Here’s a list of the top smartphones and a brief description on each model.


iPhone 5

This is the latest flagship phone of Apple.  As expected, its design blends in easily to any corporate setting.  Many of those who use their smartphones for business purposes swear that paying around $800 is totally worth it.  The iPhone 5 boasts of the best hardware, audio, video, and camera.  Plus, its earphone has been made to fit in most of the ear.  The iOS 6 – the latest upgrade of the Apple Operating Systems is in this phone.  iOS 6 has many improvements and does its job excellently.  There are many Apps that are exclusive for the iPhone users only.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Experts predicted that the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones would challenge the popularity of the iPhones.  They were right.  2012 was a glorious year for the Samsung smartphones because the Samsung Galaxy S3 toppled down the iPhone 5.  It became the most popular among the high-end smartphones.  The device is just stunning.  It boasts of having the best camera among the Android phones.  Its screen is also wide at 4.8” and has a touchscreen display of 1280×720 Super Amoled HD.  The processing is also very smooth and fast with the quad-core processor.  Plus, the RAM is at 1GB too.  This Samsung model also helped Android to defeat Apple’s iOS as being the most widely used OS on the mobile platform.

Sony Xperia S

The Sony brand name has taken its stand on the smartphone arena too with its high-end Sony Xperia S.  This is a device that Sony launched without the name “Ericsson” attached to it.  It has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor that processes as smoothly as the iPhone 5 does.  What can you expect from Sony but a great visual experience?  The Xperia S comes with the Sony Bravia Mobile Engine and its users swear that watching videos in the Xperia S is simply amazing!  The camera is at 12 megapixels and also includes a 3D panorama sweep.  Geo-tagging is also allowed.  Another great feature with the Sony Xperia S is the active noise cancellation that allows you to take calls even in a noisy setting.

Nokia Lumia 920

Who says Nokia couldn’t compete in the smartphone arena?  Nokia has just proven on how capable they are in captivating the masses with high-end phones with the Nokia Lumia 920.  Most of those who bought the Lumia 920 said that they loved the chic colors and the phone features.  There is a turn-by-turn voice navigation by Nokia Drive and Nokia Music also allows offline music service, a refreshing feature since most smartphones are in the online music service.  The App store of Nokia will not upset you because it has lots to offer its users too.

Google LG Nexus 4

If you’d like a top-notch smartphone that costs less than $550, then you should consider the Google LG Nexus 4.  It has a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that is a real treat for its price tag.  It also has the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and you can choose between the 8 GB or 16 GB storage capacity.  The device is priced at about $290, not bad for a smartphone with a great processor, huge memory capacity and an amazing OS.

The best smartphones to consider are the ones in this list.  Are you someone who needs to be in different locations because of your work?  You need a smartphone, and not just any smartphone, a high-end model with you would almost be like having a tiny PC.  You can easily store files, transfer files and perform video conferencing. With a third-party subscription package like a RingCentral email to fax service, you can even send fax messages through your phone just as easy as if you were sending an ordinary email. For sure, with a good handset and a great business phone service provider, your productivity will improve.

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