The Expendables 2 video game review

Why is it that the video games based on movie titles never work? We had some titles like Quantum of Solace, Iron Man, a series of Spiderman titles and even Home Alone (!) which failed to re-create the magic that was created by the movies Yeah, agreed, there were some good titles as well like the X-Men origins Wolverine, which managed to deliver the thrill of the invulnerable samurai, Alien Vs Predator, Star Wars and much more. But, what about Expendables 2?

Firstly let’s make one thing clear; this action-ensemble game, which is an adaptation of the upcoming flick The Expendables 2 strives real hard to make an impact and keep the gamers engaged. However, the game has some good parts in it that succeeds to deliver at least some fun. A proper concept and an engaging game play would have taken this game to somewhere else. And, since this is based on a movie franchise, with an ensemble cast, it could have been a treat for the gamers. Alas! It doesn’t happen here.

The plot:

The plot is pretty simple and slightly common. To put it in a single line, it would read,”A billionaire is kidnapped and four of the world’s most skilled and bravest mercenaries who are in pursuit of money go on a search mission and save the millionaire from all odds.” And, there is action, explosions, gun-fights as they pass.

The game has some sub-plots as well and ends at the point where the movie begins, so that the viewers can have a sequential experience of the movie franchise.

The game play:

It is a co-op-shooter style game. Players can choose to group among friends in an online multiplayer mode for a real cinematic experience or play as a single player and switch characters similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance and so on. The game characters include Hale Caesar, Gunnar Jensen, Yin Tang and obviously Barney Ross. With a game play stretching up to 20 stages, all you have to do is just shoot-bomb-kill! Each character has its own special primary weapon with literally infinite ammos and can perform some melee attacks and signature moves.

One of the weaker parts of the game is that the opponents seem to get weaker as the game progresses. And the game features a cover system for a hide& attack combat! When a fellow team mate fails, he can be easily revitalized to good health by following some on-screen instructions, How Sweet! As you proceed you can take some weapons from the deceased opponents and even gain XP points to become stronger. There are some issues with the cameras and controls as well.

The Graphics and its allies:

The game scores well in terms of graphics like the locations and action sequences, specifically, the signature moves are amazing to watch. So thumbs up for that part. However, the game lacks in menu view and player indicators. The voice over is sort of above average, though they could have enhanced the voice of Jet Li.


A game which could have gone somewhere else goes nowhere. Despite some heavy action, the game fails to deliver the thrill and the grip. Well, if you are willing to play an online mode with friends, then it’s fine or if you want just plain action, irrespective of fun and excitement, this title is for you. With abated breaths, let’s wait for the movie!

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