Make Technology Fit Your Life


There is no end to how diverse technology will become as it has been said that there is no limit to human imagination. This is because humans are the creators of technology. However, humans also have a very diverse lifestyle. Sometimes technology starts dictating some people’s lives. There was a time when it limited where a person can go and what a person can do. I can’t help smiling when I watch people on the beach, the sun is up and hot, the sea is so serene and inviting but they don’t seem to notice them all because they are so busy looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot. But those are the milder cases and I do that too sometimes.

Maybe a severe case was when technology created a prison called the office. The office filled with desktop computers, desktop printers, desktop telephones, papers, desks and swivel chairs where people come to at eight in the morning and leave at five in the afternoon. It is a prison because all those conventional technology dictated that humans should stay in the office. The children and the youth started complaining that their office working parents could not attend their baseball games, could not take them take them to vacations and so on. There are parents who became phantoms, they bring in the food and pay the bills but are not there when their children comes home from school and will already be at work when they wake up. I believe that time is a resource that every single human has the right to and yet sometimes we are helpless in deciding how to spend our own time. Desk sitting for extended hours has brought health problems and promoted a sedentary lifestyle.

But set the gloom aside because now, technology is making it up to humans. Thanks to services like RingCentral virtual office, business people can now be as mobile as they can be. Thanks also to the cloud technology and the line of cloud based devices and services that it has trail blazed like the smart printers of HP, tablets and of course the android phones or smartphones. Credit is also due to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for encouraging people to go to places and try a lot of new things so that they can post or Tweet about their experiences.

Business people will no longer be imprisoned in brick and mortar offices but they are free to live a mobile lifestyle. This is made possible when phones became a mini computer to access cloud based data storage services like Google drive, and VoIP services like Skype made phone calls less expensive but clearer and more efficient.

With the cloud based data storage and retrieval plus VoIP services, meetings can be held virtually. Participants could be in different places using either their iPhones or Samsungs or HTCs or Chrome Books. They could choose to see each other face to face through video conferences possible through services like Google Hang out or they could choose to work on a document online. After finishing a report or a project, they can email it to a printer in their boss’ office and voila, the report is submitted.

For those who work closely with clients and customers or the front liners, they could choose to be within reach 24/7 without having to report in a physical office. The catch there, of course, is that they should have their tablets, laptops or smart phones close by.

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