How Technology Has Changed the Face of Weddings

From buying the perfect ring to documenting the event, weddings have undergone some drastic changes over the last decade or two as different technologies have worked their way into our everyday lives. Though there are some who like to disregard these effects, the truth of the matter is that weddings are more easily and efficiently planned and managed leading up to and on the big day, and that’s something we can all be thankful for.

Wedding Technology

The Planning Stage

While a number of publications can still be found to help plan a dream wedding, the vast majority of soon-to-be spouses head to their computers to find locations, garment selections and to get every little detail of the event perfect. One of the best resources thus far in regards to this part of the marriage process is Pinterest. There are countless pages on the social sharing site that track ideal wedding ideas, and that kind of selection was nowhere to be found prior to the internet.

The Announcements

It used to be that all wedding announcements and invitations went through traditional mail. There really was no other option. However, these days, people can easily get the word out through mass emails, Facebook posts, tweets and more. Many people have even turned to creating a wedding website for their special day and with much effect. Whereas married couples used to receive a flood of RSVP letters in the mail leading up to the event, they now only have to check their event page on social media sites, view the guestbook on the day’s website or quickly do a search through an email inbox.


While buying items online now is an everyday occurrence and somewhat ho-hum, the fact that we can purchase nearly anything we want and have it at our doors in a few days with the possibility of overnight shipping in a lot of cases. This gives those looking to buy things for a wedding an opportunity to comparison shop unlike ever before, which means weddings can run remarkably cheaper than ceremonies taking place only a few years ago.

Additionally, though there are a number of wedding-centered shops available online to peruse through, they can be incredibly pricey since they are such a niche market, just like physical shops. Of course, some pieces of wedding purchases can’t be done as well online, like dress fittings (sorry ladies), but guys can get a perfectly fitted, tux online without any problems whatsoever.

The Big Day

From instant photo sharing with loved ones across the world to nearly every guest having the chance to record video of the precious day, weddings have become increasingly interactive (and less dull) as smartphones have become more and more prevalent. Everything from the way lighting is controlled to the insanely massive music collections offered by modern event DJs has changed dramatically over the last decade, which has meant many more satisfied guests and a smoother wedding day for brides and grooms across the globe.

Nevertheless, there’s one thing technology likely won’t ever change for the better – dealing with the new in laws.

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