The Tech Savvy Business Owner’s Edge

If you could barely operate anything as simple as an automated teller machine or a jukebox, you could get into a whole lot of trouble going into business. These machines happen to be two of the simplest “computers” known to man that require the most minimal of digital tech savvy. No need to fret so much about that because it’s never too late to teach yourself about practicable technology especially when you realize it could decide business success or failure for you.


There are a number of things that could prove to be of vital knowledge to you once you pursue the path of technical proficiency in the name of business profitability. It would truly encourage you more to know that most digital and online technologies have become so user-friendly and intuitive. In fact, most of them have gone through much design thinking with people like you in mind: The tech-challenged user.

Nothing to lose

Zero knowledge means a clean slate. No biases yet and therefore easier to educate and more malleable. The kind of person who’s unlikely to be co-opted by geeky bull. Suffice it to say that it would always be easier to inform people with useful tech know-how when they have none of those various tech platform hang-ups yet. It’s the same as saying that arguments like what’s better between android or iOS tech could never occur when discussing tech with anyone willing enough to admit that “I don’t know anything yet!”

Every tech to gain

As a soon-to-be business owner sure to encounter a lot of tech challenges along the way once the business opens, achieving a serviceable amount of tech savvy entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Cost-efficient alternatives. Online tech usually cuts down the cost of infrastructure associated with business productivity, retail methods, workplace gadgetry and telecommunications. Wireless technologies take out the complex set-up equation that deals with costly equipment, labor intensive and time-consuming elements of older tech like analog and mechanical. That’s why you save more with technology.
  • You don’t waste precious time. Cloud-based tech negates physical distance and location. That’s why if you have one going with your telecom like in a RingCentral virtual PBX system, it could be unnecessary for you to do some business-related traveling to meet and discuss with coworkers or business contacts. Call conferences could suffice and if you need to work on files together via real-time interaction, you could do so fast — from wherever each of you might be.
  • You don’t lose business opportunities. Online technology is an always-on, interactive, and real-time tech. You could respond to any business situation as fast as you could think. That makes you a lot more competitive because it enables you to respond quickly to any profitable business opportunity without going through too much trouble about time, place and even language barrier.
  • You don’t experience communication lapses. Working or doing business with people from far-off places doesn’t have to bother you because you could communicate with ease and convenience via IP phones, smartphones, or virtual phones; or receive and send messages via internet fax, email or voicemail. Information will always be readily available to you for as long as you could handle web access adequately.
  • You’re always steps ahead. Once you become more and more familiar with the various online technologies you develop the kind of enthusiasm for acquiring useful, accurate and unique information way ahead of everybody else. It soon becomes your belief that by getting more info before everybody else does, you earn the advantage of thinking way ahead of how to earn more than everybody else.

That, by the way, is good business sense.

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