The Team Apple vs. Team Samsung Saga

samsung vs apple

I stumbled upon an article detailing how Samsung came to be Apple’s biggest competition in just a short period of time. As I was reading it, I kept imagining Apple fans raising their eyebrows, snickering, or maybe even gritting their teeth at every compliment thrown at Samsung. And sure enough, when I scrolled down to the comments section, a barrage of comments from Samsung haters was there. Trolls were definitely present and they were able to successfully start another online debate. I just couldn’t help but smile to myself, amused with what I was reading from the thread. For a moment I just sat, reading and taking in one comment after another until I realized that the things people were saying were actually entertaining. It’s like watching Bieber fans and Bieber haters lash out at each other.

Uber Passionate Fans

If you’re observant enough, you would think that people have become too invested in the smartphone wars. And if you have a sense of humor, you’d find such observation quite funny. It’s as if these people are being paid by either Apple or Samsung to market its brand with utmost passion when in fact, they’re not getting anything, not even a single cent.

While some of these uber passionate fans claim they’re not fanatics, their actions speak for themselves.It’s as they couldn’t help themselves from waging war against those whose views oppose theirs. It’s as if there’s this Team Apple vs. Team Samsung kind of saga and the World Wide Web is their battleground.

And the Trolls Keep on Trolling

Here’s a little experiment I’d like you to do. Pretend that you’re thinking of buying a business phone and tell your friends about it on Facebook. Announce (in a nonchalant kind of way) that you’re thinking of getting either a Samsung Galaxy S3 or an iPhone 5 but don’t know which one to pick. Then, like a true puppet master, just sit back, relax, and wait for the trolls to take the bait. In probably less than a minute or two, you’d have people dictating you what to go for. And before you know it, you’d have trolls taking over your timeline, successfully launching a feisty exchange of words, mainly sharp disses and snarky remarks. It’s one of those “Team Apple vs. Team Samsung” battles right on your own Timeline.  And as tempers flare, the fight would probably turn into Team USA vs. Team South Korea.

The Victor

There’s no doubt that the battle between Samsung and Apple is something that interests many people. Why not? For years, it’s been the Apple’s game, and to finally have a worthy challenger in the form of Samsung is indeed a welcome change. Perhaps, change is the one that’s causing this entire ruckus. Some don’t like it. But change is always good. It keeps everyone on their toes. It inspires companies to do better and come up with more innovative products. So in this saga known as Team Apple vs. Team Samsung, it’s the actually the consumers who emerge as the victors.

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