Streamzoo vs. Instagram: Which Photo App Do You Prefer?

Today, everyone can definitely say that we live in a world where having smartphones are indeed useful in term of business and entertainment. Considering such reality, it’s not really surprising why many phone service providers let their clients get a chance to avail latest smartphones by requiring them to subscribe for a plan which usually takes two years of contract.  Along with this, one can find a lot of mobile applications for such device and it’s difficult to discover one that you feel comfortable using. It is essential for a lot of mobile users to have an app on their gadget. What is the use of having one if you don’t even want to enjoy its features? With your Smartphones, taking images and sharing it on the web is much easier and more pretty amazing.

Two of the most widely used and compared applications are Instagram and Streamzoo. Both apps are available in iOS and Android operating systems but as expected these two will always be compared in terms of features and ease of use. Given below are some similarities and differences between the featured photo apps:

Photo Filters and Borders – Photo filters are effects wherein a digital aspect of an image is enhanced or minimized; depending on the chosen filter. Instagram has seventeen filters namely Normal, X-Pro II, Earlybird, Lo-fi, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Willow, Valencia, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Nashville, 1977, Kelvin and Amaro. While streamzoo only have 14 filters to offer and provide borders that Instagram cannot. With 15 borders, Streamzoo users can change the effect of their photo’s borders by giving it a vintage effect or a retro one.

Awards and Badges – Sadly, Instagram doesn’t offer their users any rewards or badges unlike Streamzoo. It has a ‘popular wall’ and a leader board where you are able to see different users with the highest points, making Streamzoo not just an interactive app, but a competitive one as well. The more points you get, the higher your chances are in making it to the board and wall. The points and badges you accumulate are determined by the number of your likes you have on your photo and by the number of images you’ve posted.

Hashtags and Follows – Hashtags serve as the ‘category’ for the post or photo that you have posted. Let’s say, a photo of your favorite book. It actually narrows down the topic and niche of your photo and makes it much simpler for others to see photos of a certain category. The good part about these two photo apps is that they both support hashtags. The number of your followers and users you follow is always available on your app profile. You could also see how many photos you have already published on your account.

Social Network Sharing –Both photo applications have four social networks which you can use to automatically post and share your Streamzoo photos online. Instagram and Streamzoo will let you publish photos on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr instantly. However, Instagram can submit on Foursquare whereas Streamzoo can add on Flickr. Relying on what social networks you love to use, you will find any apps which are great for social media sharing.

Access to main website – For some users, they usually find the necessity to check on their account via laptop, through their website. Using Instagram, you will notice that you can’t manage your photos or your account in general. Each item you post on Instagram has a specific URL that you can click on, see the photo on the given link, like and comment on it. Fortunately, Streamzoo provides a wider access for its users. You have an easy access to your account like being able to post photos, follow other users and a lot more. This means that when it comes to accessibility, Streamzoo wins.

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