Specs for the Galaxy S IV are leaked with some very surprising features

Last year was a resounding success for Samsung as the biggest market-share holder in Android for Google. With Android overtaking the iOS by leaps and bounds in the global market, there was plenty to celebrate for the South Korean electronics manufacturer, and the icing on the cake was that Samsung’s S III was crowned by tech reviewers everywhere to be the best mobile phone in the market of 2012, dethroning Apple’s long reign with the iPhone.

As of this year, however, aficionados looking for the best business phone in the world should be waiting in anticipation for the upcoming Samsung S IV, rumored to be released within this half of the year. Already, the news of what this phone can do is circulating the web. There is little doubt that everyone wants to know how the newest Galaxy phone is meant to improve on the already dazzling specs of its predecessor.

The Teaser Video

Samsung has begun to tease the consumers with a strange video series that has the tagline of “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy”, marking the upcoming unveiling of the S IV. For now, the first of the teaser video shows a young boy playing courier to the latest Galaxy phone, which he must protect and keep secret at all costs. There is absolutely no sign of the new Galaxy phone in the teaser just yet (just a lot of glowing “MacGuffin” light), but the mere appearance of the video itself suggests that more specs and actual images of the phone are forthcoming.

The Leaked Specs

Before this phone even launches, it’s already getting rated for its benchmark performance from the Antutu benchmark, which compares various mobiles in the market according to their speed, capabilities, processor strengths, and more. The mysterious Galaxy S IV has been pitted against the rest, and the results are impressive, showing the leaked specs of the phone:

–          Exynos 5410 1.8GHz processor chip

–          ARM PowerVR SGX 44MP GPU

–          Android 4.2

–          5-inch screen with a 1920×1080 resolution

–          13-megapixel rear cam

–          Bluetooth 4.0

–          16-32GB Capacity

The specs are truly impressive—the only other phone that has this kind of power right now is the much touted Sony Xperia Z that has gadget-heads salivating. The Xperia Z, after all, is such an impressive phone that you could even use to film a movie.

Apart from these specs, the Galaxy S IV’s capabilities exceed expectation by the ongoing reports that it makes the need to scroll obsolete. A report in CNET declares that there is an eye-tracking software installed in the phone that will allow users to use their phones without having to touch it—once the phone tracks where their eyes are going to the bottom of the screen, it would automatically scroll for continued seamless reading. The words “Eye scroll” and “Eye pause” have been trademarked by Samsung officially, suggesting truth to the reports in the New York Times.

Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it won’t be long until we find out what else this phone can do when it unveils in a few days.

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