Shortcuts for Windows 8

windows-8,K-O-328632-13What people anticipate whenever there is a new release of the Windows operating system is the plethora of innovative and ingenious features that may come with it. This is why it is essential for people who run businesses or conglomerates to ensure that they are using the latest operating systems that are available on the market. Aside from the many changes and add-ons that come with the latest and much talked about Windows 8, this operating system also introduces the new Windows interface and taskbar. The features, on the other hand, vary depending on the edition of the OS.

Integrated Anti-virus, All Editions

When Windows 7 was first introduced, it came with freebies like Windows Defender, a free anti-virus program that provides the basic services and advanced Microsoft Security Essentials. Now, Windows 8 also comes with Windows Defender, although a newer and better version. The new Windows Defender was fully integrated with Windows 8 and it boasts of additional features on top of the regular features users found in Microsoft Security Essentials. Most entrepreneurs probably rejoice with all the add-ons but some of them may still find themselves looking for better and more sophisticated anti-virus programs available.

Secure Boot, All Editions

The Windows 8 comes with the new Secure Boot feature which was designed to fend off any unauthorized and malicious firmware, operating system, or drivers each time a computer launches Windows. This particular feature has been a bit controversial because of the issue of hardware compatibility especially with earlier devices. Some experts also worry that users might have a problem with its compatibility with other operating systems they may want to run alongside Windows 8. Initially, Windows 8’s Secure Boot feature was designed to ensure that only Windows 8 certified hardware was allowed to run the operating system which crosses out the possibility of utilizing other operating systems like Linux. The good news is that there is now an option for disabling this feature. In the business setting, however, the Secure Boot is certainly a welcome addition since it is able to secure corporate and business IT sources because Windows 8 is resistant to malicious software and rootkits.

Picture Password, All Editions

Because it is safe to say that Windows 8 was primarily designed for portable touchscreen devices, it is then important to note that Windows 8 comes with a brand new security feature. This security feature allows users to set up and provide a password by trailing three gestures over an image that has been pre-chosen instead of making use of the on-screen keyboard. A traditional desktop computer or contemporary touchscreen can utilize this feature. For those who worry about forgetting their visual passwords, there is actually no reason to fear since you can always enter your written password whenever you forget the picture password you set earlier.

SmartScreen Filter, All Editions

You have probably heard of SmartScreen since it is one of Internet Explorer’s sources of pride. To be straightforward, SmartScreen is actually one of the features of Internet Explorer. On the other hand, when Microsoft launched its newest operating system, they also showcased the SmartScreen as a fully integrated application of Windows 8. The SmartScreen Filter is a wonderful application that functions as a sort of strainer that filters all the files that are being downloaded to your computer. Its job is to make sure that only safe and clean files are downloaded from any source. Whether you are downloading a PBX app from the Internet or a document from a USB flash dive, the SmartScreen Filter will let you know if there is anything suspicious with the files that you are trying to download. It truly is smart.

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