Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs. LG G2

Just a few years ago people were using cell phones that weighed as much as a bowl of soup, these days the awesome collection of smart phones is enough to start a small nerd Parade. But seriously, I want to look at two of the hottest smart phones and put them neck to neck, and see which one reigns supreme. The first I want to talk about is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the second one I want to talk about is the LG G2.


To be honest? The displays are quite similar. One thing you will notice is that the Samsung Galaxy Note is roughly 5% taller than the LG G2. But does that 5% really count? I’d say… Yeah it does. I’m the type of person that enjoys massive screens on my desktop, so when I want a smart phone? Every centimeter counts. I want a big screen, so when I’m video conferencing, ordering a pizza online, or browsing websites when I’m at the airport I can do it with the largest screen size possible, without carrying a massive laptop. So, as far as display? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wins.


This is seriously a tossup. They’re both VERY similar in design, and to be honest the only standout point I see is that the LG G2 looks more “round” and “modern”, where the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 actually has a more “leathery” look, almost like a wallet. I think if you’re younger, and more of a “hipster”, you’ll like the LG G2 more, but personally I find that the Galaxy Note is more “old fashioned”, and I’m an old fashioned kind of guy. But for the $99 you are paying for the LG G2 the device looking much more attractive to a lot of consumers. With promo codes from authorized online retailers you can further cut the price down on G2 or other similar smartphones to just a penny right here.


One thing you’ll notice right away is that the LG G2 takes MUCH FASTER photos, which is a big deal. How many times have you tried to take the perfect picture at a party, or of your pet cat and you don’t have an hour to snap the shot? We all know that moments such as this are gone in a flash, which is why the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 totally smokes the LG G2 in terms of snapshot speed. What if you take a lot of pictures? This idea alone should be enough to get the Samsung Galaxy Note. Because nothing, and I mean nothing is as annoying when you see something epically cool and aren’t fast enough to take the picture.

Another thing that I absolutely must bring up is the battery life. They’ve both been tested, and the LG G2 beats the Samsung Galaxy by a tiny margin. (The LG G2’s battery is roughly 6.48 hours, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is roughly 6.08 hours). Is this a big deal? NO. But it’s a variable of consideration.

And finally, regarding performance, what about call quality? It is a phone after all. After experimenting with both phones, I can honestly say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a higher quality microphone and speaker, and as someone that hates to repeat myself on the phone, this is a big deal.



The Samsung Galaxy 3 has a better quality, even though the battery life is slightly shorter than the LG G2. I tried to remain 100% neutral throughout this face off. But to be honest I’d say the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a clear victory. It has a larger display size, higher quality speaker & microphone, the picture speed SMOKES the LG G2, and in my opinion it looks more stylish. The only thing I can say about the LG G2 is that it has a higher battery life. To be fair though, both of these smart phones are VERY comparable, but at the end of the day the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets my nod of approval.

Andy Griffin writes for a number of coupon and gadget blogs. He loves to share shopping tips on smartphones and tablets.


  1. Nice post and being a samsung admirer I always appreciate it and yes I agree that LG G2 has a great look too but in terms of over all performance definitely samsung will win this battle.


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