Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review – Ultimate iPhone Rival

If you are wondering about how good Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is and whether it quenches all important tablet functions or whether its 5.5-inches display makes it too clumsy to hold. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gives an outright “YES” to all the questions, unless “NO” is appropriate. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the highest-end phone by Samsung till date, working on the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System. The device packs an 8-megapixel camera, quad-core processor and an extra-lasting battery. The device is comfortable, sensitive and smartly designed. Lets get into the details.

Look and Feel

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a large-sized phone (5.9×3.2×0.3 inches) with its weight reaching 6.4 ounces. But even though being a bit oversized, your hand will adjust soon. Its weight is totally in proportion with its dimension. In fact, a lighter phone has to compromise with its battery size. The overall look is sleek and slim. When compared to a standard 7-incher, it is more palm-able. The phone can easily slip in your purse or jeans pocket. Since look and feel totally depends on how a person feels it in their hand, some might find it huge and odd to carry. You might need a Bluetooth headset to answer calls, as the size is too large on ears. The phone also has some useful hardware buttons and ports like a front-facing camera, proximity sensor, buttons for menu and back and 3.5mm headset jack.


Operating System

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS along with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, which adds amazing functionalities to Androids. This phone offers a great deal of customization, wide variety of motion control, 7 tailor-made home screens, easy boot up and myriads of others. Note 2 offers an in-built virtual keyboard, which lets you trace or touch-type words. All navigation buttons are multi-functioning. For example, on holding the home button for long, you’ll get the list of most recent apps, keep holding the downward menu button to open Google search with Voice Action and Google Now, etc.

Tech Specs

  • Weight                             6.35.oz
  • Screen Size                    5.5inches
  • Resolution                     1,280×720 pixels
  • Processor                       Exynos Quad Core 1.6GHz
  • Operating System       Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Internal Memory        64GB
  • Camera                            8-Megapixel
  • Battery                            10-12 hours

Even more Features

Samsung has added loads of features in the Note 2. Anybody who craves for exciting features will fall in love with Note 2 in no time. Few of them such as the S Beam that offers a new blocking system where you can restrict unwanted calls at certain time of the day (while sleeping or in meetings) and Pull-Up and Pop-Up play that lets you watch independent videos or open webpage independently are some of the best features that Note gives you. You can also set your phone for one hand usage.

Anybody who chooses Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will reward themselves with myriads of brilliant features and enough showoff at parties and workplace. Its overstepped size, handsome price, outstanding capabilities and S pen stylus makes it a universally appealing device.

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