Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: A Businessman’s Handy Secretary

In just three years, tablet sales have almost outpaced laptop sales undeniably because of the tablet’s functionality as a hybrid of a laptop’s utility and the Smartphone’s mobility. Since the advent of the tablet several years ago, businessmen have wondered when something like it would be made for them alone, entirely different from those tailor-made for media buffs and gamers. Other tablet manufacturers have set out to showcase the expertise of their powerhouse in media and gaming, but Samsung has come up to grant the business world’s wishes, and with its most recent version, the Galaxy Note is set to oust secretarial posts.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Note is out of Apple iPad’s league; in fact, it encompasses the latter’s scope. The iPad can deliver gaming experience and media immersion superior to that of the Note’s, but it can’t take the place Samsung has created for the business world, and that is multitasking.

With its bright, Wacom-enabled 10-inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a perfect interface for a businessman to write notes on. One does not need to worry about resting a palm on the screen while writing; with its palm rejection technology, the screen displays only what comes from your fingers and not your hand. Also, graphic artists would find its proximity sensing and pressure sensitivity very helpful in creating their works of art on screen, along with the right app, of course. It’s like working on an intuitive, virtual paper.

Great Features for Business People

But what makes the new Galaxy Note a true friend of the businessman is its split-screen feature, wherein six useful apps – Polaris Office, S Note, video player, photo gallery, email and Web Browser – can be displayed on screen at once: not to mention that mini-apps can peek to the screen from the bottom. For instance, one can take note on one side of Internet feeds on the other side or video instructions on another one, a task only nearly rivaled by the same yet novice feature on Microsoft Surface Pro. Now, talk about state-of-the-art multitasking.

Imagine how one would use this in a business meeting: files easily shared if fortunate enough to enter a conference room full of the same Galaxy Note, fast web browsing with its 5-ghZ WiFi band optimized by service providers such as RingCentral, and smooth running processor to run all apps.

Its media playback and recording capacity aren’t bad at all, though the bar iPad has set is the standard to beat. Capable of storing up to 64GB of files, it can play crisp and clear 1080p videos and loud, amped-up music in the usual formats with its two stereo speakers. Both its main and front cameras can record a stunning 720 pixel video at a rate of 30 frames per second. Indeed, the Galaxy Note is not bad a media player for a businessman.

Another advanced development of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is its utility even out of the business room – that is, at home. With its efficient IR emitter, the Note can be used as a home remote control. The Peel Smart Remote can control televisions and sound systems faster than its predecessor featured in Galaxy Tab 7.0. Indeed, Samsung regards its own as it is.

Armed with a user-friendly and smart touch and write-on screen, an elegant and convenient split-screen feature for multitasking, plus a home advantage as a media remote control, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a grand slam for businessmen around the world.

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