Reviewing Toll Free Numbers – How these Phone Numbers Work

Are you interested in getting a toll free number but you are still unsure as to how it works? If this is the case, it will do you a lot of good to first get to know these telephone numbers better first. Some of the most important aspects that you need to learn more about are the rates associated with these numbers, the features that are included with them, and the difference between a toll free and a vanity number. Having a better idea on how these business phone numbers work will help you realize just how invaluable one can prove to be for your own company.


To start off let us see how this type of business phone number works. When a toll free or an 800 number is dialed, the Service Switch Point (SSP) of the telecoms company will know that the call being made is toll free because of its prefix. The SSP will then ask the Service Control Point (SCP) for instructions regarding the routing process. These instructions specify where the call will be routed and the specific telephone number to charge. The endpoint is that the number that will be charged will be one that the user of this particular service owns and not the number that the caller is using.

Now that the “how it works” part has been covered, let us proceed to the rest of the most important aspects of an 800 toll free number that you should know about.

Rates Associated with These Business Phone Numbers

How much will an 800 number cost you per month? This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask prior to getting one for your business. To answer your question simply, it will only cost you a few more dollars. The most common monthly subscriptions for such business phone numbers are being offered for $10. For this low monthly rate, you will already be able to enjoy the many different benefits of maintaining this kind of telephone number such as improved customer service, appearance of being a well established company, and enhanced marketing efforts among many others.

Features that Come with Toll Free Business Phone Numbers

A toll free number, as long as it is being provided by a leading telecoms company, such as RingCentral, comes with a number of powerful, value-added features. In addition to allowing your callers to be worry-free of expensive or extremely high call rates, you can also take advantage of getting voicemail, online fax, call forwarding, music on hold, click-to-call (via the World Wide Web), Outlook integration, and Real Time Call Control among many others. As long as you work with a top provider of such business phone services, you can enjoy several or even all of these additional features.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers

A vanity number is a special kind of toll free business phone number. Instead of using irrelevant or random numbers, the last 7 digits of a vanity number are replaced with those that can be easily remembered. The best example of which is 1-800-FLOWER. As you can already imply, this is the phone number being used by a company that sells flowers. This particular type of business phone number is easier to recall, so clients will have an easier time remembering the number that they contact your company.

Hope this guide helps in making you realize just how important it may be for your business to have a toll free number of its own. Do not limit your business to just a single phone number, as this definitely has the power to significantly impact your company in a negative way.

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