Responsive Web Design- The New Approach to Web Designing

Designing websites used to be pretty simple. There wasn’t too much you could fit on any given page and there definitely wasn’t a lot of moving objects and flashy images. For the most part, you had text and a few things that made your pages pop.

In recent years, things have drastically changed. Now, web pages are able to hold large amounts of data including videos, photos and moving objects. As more and more people are using the internet from devices such as smart phones and e-readers, it’s about time you considered making your website available to them from these platforms.

Times are definitely changing and it’s always good to be on the ball so you can keep your website running smoothly and get the traffic and attention that you deserve.

Be More Accessible

Who doesn’t love to get their information while on the go? With peoples’ lives becoming more and more mobile, why not give your customers a service that they can access no matter where they are. Maybe they are waiting at their doctor’s office and a question arises. If your site was a mobile option then they could have found the information they were looking for from you instead of your competition. Or, maybe they are in the grocery store looking for a recipe so they know what ingredients they are missing at home; if your website is of the food niche and your site does not work properly on their smart phone then they are going to have no choice but go to another site for the information.

Mobile Use is on the Rise

The need for internet use on the go is on the rise. People crave it, and if you don’t have it then they may not visit your website as often. Some people may not even consider accessing your site because they may only use the internet while on the go. If you have something great to offer visitors, it is a good idea to make sure they can access it in any way that they need. The last thing you want to do is make it hard for people to locate and use your website.

Offer Your Visitors Simplicity

Have you ever gone to a website that did not have responsive web design from a device other than a computer? You can definitely tell right off the bat that something isn’t right. Things just don’t fit comfortably on the screen and there is a lot of scrolling around to get where you want to go. Your device will oftentimes struggle to load the page and everything can be extremely slow.

Imagine if you were a customer and you logged onto a website looking to purchase something. Do you think you would hang around very long trying to figure it out or would you probably either give up and try again at home on your desktop or go to a competitor site that you know is going to work nicely for you?

Most people are in a hurry and want to get the things they need to do right now, so typically; a customer is going to be lost.

Even if your website isn’t designed to sell something, if it’s not loading properly and fitting the page nicely, there is a very high chance that you are going to lose visitors.

Here’s another example: Imagine a web page with a picture of an item for sale and a ‘buy’ button below it. On your computer, this page would completely fit and the item would be dead center, easy to access and nice on the eyes.

Now, if you were to log onto this website on your cell phone and it was not responsive, you would have to scroll over to the right and down in order to find that location. Most people do not want to have to fish for the things they are looking for. Without responsive web design, the most important aspects of your page may go undiscovered.

Be Ahead of the Game

When you have a great mobile presence, your visitors are going to be extremely happy. Too many website owners these days do not consider how their websites look on mobile devices. With society pressuring us to constantly upgrade our cell phones and always have the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to all things technology, it’s no wonder people are constantly on the internet. It seems as though in the not-so-distant future, just about every device out there is going to have an internet connection.

Maybe a lot of other websites do not have a responsive website, but why let that hold you back? Don’t you think it’s about time you did something that was a bit ahead of the game? Give your competitors a run for their money and allow people to experience the high quality that your website has to offer no matter where they log on from.

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