Putting Your Tablet to Good (Business) Use

They say that tablets are good for consuming content especially for business functions. This is why some honchos get their tasks done using this essential tech wonder. If only business people would learn how to maximize their tablets, then they’d be enjoying the frills that these devices can bring to many an enterprise. Take a look at how you can put your tablet into good (business) use.

Attach a keyboard

Granted, tablets usually come with great UIs for an unparalleled touchscreen experience. However, people have been wired to type on keyboards of the plastic kind – the standard keyboard composed of chunky hardware laid out on a grid-like arrangement that you press to input alphanumeric characters. Working on a tablet with a physical keyboard attachment can really increase your efficiency when getting tasks done.

Download tablet apps

Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars on apps like Evernote, Keynote, or other productivity apps because they’re always a good investment. True mobility comes with a price, and to really take advantage of the possibilities presented by tablets for business, you need to get these paid apps that will complement your existing workflow (or make it even more seamless). However, you must never succumb to the habit of downloading apps just because they’re popular or pricey. Doing so would only add to the confusion and chaos in your daily grind, and may result to inefficiency.

Use your business tools

Don’t ever assume that you have to stop using all the tools you’ve been using on your smartphone and your computer now that you’re also using a tablet device. Most tablet models offer great syncing capabilities so you can use your tools across many devices and many vendors are actually working on extending their platforms to make their apps available for various devices. OnLive Desktop Office suite app, for one, gives you remote access to MS Office and IE9. The touch-optimized RingCentral business phone service app, meanwhile, gives you the ability to manage and control your RingCentral phone using your tablet.

Make it the star of the show

Are you aware that you can actually sell your product or service using your tablet? If you’re a filmmaker, you can play your demo reels to convince prospects to acquire your services. If you’re an auto insurance broker, you can instantly show insurance quotes to your prospects so they can check out the prices and details of what you offer.

Collaborate and engage

You can use tablets to let your team members participate during meetings. You can create mind maps, jot down ideas, create flowcharts, and more. Such ‘handwritten’ notes and doodles render nicely on tablets, and as such, they’re great for collaboration and they encourage engagement between groups of employees.

Can you suggest other ways on how you can put the regular tablet into good (business) use? Hit the comments below.

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