Protect Your Business from DDoS Attacks with These Simple Steps

It is completely understandable to assume that the dangers and obstacles of managing a website for one’s business stems from the mistakes we make. While that is almost always the case there are some factors that, believe it or not come from the maliciousness of others. As a matter of fact one such potential threat is so dangerous that it often leaves websites unable to function – which harms overall revenue. This type of malicious attack is known as the Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS for short and it is the bane of websites that offer any kind of service online.

It can often be difficult to deal with a DDoS attack as it overwhelms a website with traffic not just from a single source, but from multiple sources; often from all around the world. Thankfully, despite how DDoS attacks have increased in number these past few years, you are most definitely not helpless against it. Here are five simple steps that are sure to protect your business from these denial of service attacks.


The more bandwidth you have available, the better prepared you will be.

DDoS attacks are only truly successful if the increase in traffic exceeds the overall bandwidth of your website’s server. This means that purchasing more bandwidth than you actually need is an excellent means of catching your attacker off guard. It also allows you more time to respond to a DDoS attack that is currently in progress, giving you every opportunity to properly mitigate a denial of service attack.

Plan ahead with your ISP regarding proper countermeasures.

No matter how much anyone prepares, sometimes a DDoS attack can become so large that most of your contingency plans will likely start to fall one by one. In the event of such a large attack it is important to have planned in advance with your Internet Service Provider, having learned about all of the ways in which they can help your servers during an attack. Learning all about your ISP’s available options for proper defense against a DDoS is crucial to making sure that your website has a means of defending itself against unreasonably large attacks.

Familiarize yourself with what your website’s traffic normally looks like.

For those who are running their own servers, this is an absolutely essential step as it allows you to notice any deviation from the norm. It goes without saying that catching a denial of service attack early practically guarantees that your website will come out on top as it allows you to respond straight away. It might seem like a lot of extra effort that is better spent elsewhere, but it always pays to learn the ins and outs of your server’s traffic.

Third party services make an excellent safety net.

Due to the severity of DDoS attacks in general, there are third party companies out there that provide additional security for people who want an extra edge as far as protection from denial of service attacks go. Companies such as Fireblade specialize in proper traffic analysis, ensuring that malicious sources are unable to get a foothold in your server by setting up an anti-DDos solution that prevents your site from going down

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are universally feared for their ability to stop any website in its tracks, drying up revenue and making it incredibly difficult to keep one’s online business running. However, so long as you perform these preventative steps you will have very little to worry about.

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