Power Of Mass Media Over The World

massmediaMass media played a crucial role at the turn of the millennia. The information that the media gave to people have changed the way they think and the way they lived their lives.

In the late 1800’s, people were astonished by the accidental discovery of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone allows people who are not in the same area to communicate. With this, it became a revolutionary discovery. After a few years, long distance calls were possible and hundreds of telephone companies emerged. The telephone grew to become a technological basis for gadgets today such as mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. Because of this rapid development, people learned to adapt to technology’s fast development.

Mass media, on the other hand, has its own improvement in terms of its forms. The forms of media that are commonly used today are television, radio, print and the new media which is the Internet. Furthermore, people tune in to these forms of media every day to be updated about the changes of the modern world. Aside from this, it is easy for the people to learn and gain knowledge through different programs and channels that these 4 media give.

The media has contributed to a lot of aspects in the way we share information. It has helped several business companies, the government, the entertainment industry, and other entities with their improvement. Here are aspects of the modern world that the mass media has shaped today:


  • Movies and Music – People love to be entertained. Mass media has contributed to the popularity of music through airing them on television and radio. Also, it has helped with the promotion of movies through trailers that are shown on television. Movies and music became the people’s avenue to connect with others.
  • Business Companies – Business companies and the mass media are corporate partners because they help each other in terms of earning profit. The better way to do this is to advertise their brand using the mass media. They work hand-in-hand to gain popularity and to sell their products effectively in their target market. Moreover, businesses use media technology to cut down costs such as using the Internet as a possible means for communication. A VoIP service is an Internet based telephone infrastructure that works the same as a traditional copper-wired telephone, but with more features. VoIP providers, such as RingCentral, make use of existing Internet lines so they can offer cheaper telephone packages. These services, despite the low cost, have a far better quality since voice data is received and transmitted digitally.
  • Government – In this aspect, the mass media is the “watchdog” of the government. The government runs a nation and it is vital for them to be loved by the people. The role that the mass media plays is to give constant updates to the people about what the government is doing. On the other side, the government will do its best to give a safe country for the people. They assure the people that everything is under control through news reports. Thus, the people become aware of the work and ways of the government and how they implement justice within their sector.

These are a few examples of how mass media play a role in our society. It is through mass media that people are not anymore ignorant, but are well informed about everything that happens. Also, it has become the avenue for the development of today’s society. The modern world is still on the brink of change within a few years through the power of mass media. But, we can all expect that the coming changes will continue to improve things, and isn’t pulling us downwards.

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