PlayStation 4 : Could Beat the Xbox One in the Eyes of Gamers

Microsoft has recently showed off its Xbox One to consumers. Unlike Microsoft, Sony is being very mysterious about the PlayStation 4. While little is known about the exact specs of the PlayStation 4, or PS4, in the eyes of gamers, the PS4 is very hyped up.

One of the biggest complaints about the Xbox one is its policy on used games. Microsoft has left the decision to many of the developers as to whether potential gamers should be allowed to sell and buy each other’s used games. Sony has come up with a solution that gamers will really like. New games typically cost anywhere between $60 and $80 and used games allow gamers who do not have a lot of money to play these games. DRM stands for digital rights management and Sony with the PS4 started a #PS4noDRM hashtag against Microsoft which went viral and is one case where gamers are becoming very excited where they will be able to buy used games.

Another focal point of the PlayStation 4 where it could beat the Xbox One is regarding Internet connection. The Xbox One doesn’t need a continuous internet connection, but it does have to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours. This occurs where the console will send out a message to Microsoft’s server at least once per day to make sure the profile of the gamer is validated. Some gamers do not have this type of internet connection and still use dial-up internet. It is not clear as to whether Sony will require this same procedure, but it hasn’t in the past and is a focal point for many gamers.


Privacy has always been debated as well and Sony and Microsoft have differing views on privacy. In the Xbox One, the Kinect’s sensor is always on and listening in case the user is to say a voice command. This is on by default. There are many privacy issues that are being debated about whether the company should have this as the default setting. Sony’s comeback should be relatively simple in which they will turn off the default setting in the PlayStation Eye’s default setting. This will combat any issues people have about privacy issues and will be favourable for many gamers who are concerned about a violation of some of their privacy rights.

One of the biggest debates is whether Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One has the better controller. Most gamers have already decided on the controller they prefer based off of preference and experience and what type of games they play. Neither company has really changed the design of the controller for over ten years so each has their benefits. Sony added Dual Shock 4 which is a bit more apparent in the new model. Microsoft only slightly changed its controller where they changed the D-Pad to move it slightly lower. If you have any questions about the new Sony PS4, you can look up the psn number on Sony’s corporate website. However, no information has been disclosed to gamers yet.

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