Phone Parental Controls: Keeping Your Kid Healthy in the Digital Age

Do you happen to be a very liberal parent and don’t want to monitor your kid’s activities? Okay, it’s good not to breach their privacy, but do you understand dangerous effects extensive screen times might have on them?  Leaving the kids alone with their smartphones and tablets could hurt them in a number of ways. In this digital age the most common problem with young kids is the digital eye strain. And you must have to limit the kids’ screen times otherwise there would be no use of blaming yourself later.

kids digital age

Digital life could endanger kids

Continuously fidgeting with their phones and tablets, watching videos and gaming could cause problem in eye blood vessels. It could harm the kids’ eye sight and can even harm their mental wellbeing. To know how digital media can harm kids’ eye side, have a look at the infographic by Infogr8.

Not blinking the eye enough, extensive screen exposure and pixilation, all of these facts shown in this infographic are worth paying attention to.  Parents must pay attention to all these facts and must give their best to ensure healthy screen hours and stress-free digitalization for their kids. This is possible by phone parental controls and giving these a chance is not going to be a risky decision.


Keep digital world safe for them, digitally

Despite all these risks and physical harms, parents can still make digital devices safe for their kids. It’s no longer difficult now. If you are afraid to lose your money on an app, why not start with an economical one? Yes, there are a lot of different parental apps in the market and you can select the one which suits you the most.

One option could be FamilyTime app. It offers a 15-day free trial on their Premium package so it’s very easy on pocket. And surprisingly, it’s good with the features, too.

It allows you to:

  • Place screen locks
  • Block specific apps
  • View installed apps
  • View date of installation and version of app
  • Check web history


Protect your kid from digital eye strain

No matter how many adverse impacts digitalization might have, it is still beneficial for kids and at the same time it is the need of the time. We can’t afford to hold our kids back from experiencing new technology. So try to make it advantageous for them using phone parental controls. My suggestion would be FamilyTime app because I think it is the handiest parental app right now

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