An overview about Contact Centers

A contact Centre is a service used by companies to manage their clients through media such as fax, telephones, letters, emails etc. Call centers now days purely handle phone calls by giving support to users for the product they purchased or a service they used from a company. Usually many companies hire call centers to provide excellent support to users and to maintain a healthy relationship between the company and the customer. This is also called as Customer relationship management.

Customers are really an important resource in any business. Therefore you need to help them when they are in some trouble with your product or a service. The majority of large companies use contact centers as a means of managing their customers. There are two ways of managing this .First is to set up a separate department for this, second is hiring a third party company who can do this. You can also check out many other companies who can provide you contact center solutions for your business.

Contact centres can also offer a number of different services. Most popular one is the help desk, which regularly answers technical questions from the customers and assist them. Customers call up or email the help desk support centres for their queries and these professionals go about solving their problems and answering their questions.


cloud contact center

Most of the companies now outsource contact centres. Outsourced contact centres can be successful if the agency is highly capable, can provide a professional service and protect their brand as someone in an in house team would be.

Call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting phone calls. These usually are built to answer customer’s queries by telephone. An inbound call center is operated by a company to administer product support from customers. Latest technology now used in call centres are the Cloud computing. Using  software as service or hosted , on demand call centres by providing application programming interfaces on the call center cloud computing platform that usually allows call center function to be integrated with cloud CRM systems.

Some variations of call centres are inbound call center which the calls are initiated by the customer. Outbound call centres are the calls initiated by the representative of the center. Blended call center which combines both inbound and outbound call center types.

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