Are You An Organized Computer Operator?

Being an organized worker contributes a lot to any employee or business owner’s sense of efficient professionalism. All successful entrepreneurs and professionals have this thing down pat as innovators with clearly organized thought patterns and executors of plans that are all marvels of topnotch organizational work. It is therefore unthinkable for anyone to aspire for loftier success in business or careers without first paying serious attention to an organized work process that’s personal to the worker as much as it is professionally acceptable to peers.

Now comes the gut question: How organized are you as a worker when it comes to handling your computer? If this simple question happens to get you stumped and struggling for that unequivocal yes, then Houston we’ve got a problem. You need to get your computer operator act together and be the organized pro you have to be.

Get your cloud in order

Cloud computing has taken over much of what comprises the paperwork and correspondence we do via computers and telecom. Storing pictures, documents, and work files in computers have also become unnecessary as much as traveling to meet with coworkers in remote places have become pointless. Cloud storage apps could deal with file storage and sharing with collaborators while a hosted cloud-based telecom from a VoIP provider of your choice could effectively deal with the telecommuting.

Using multiple cloud storage apps like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box could become necessary for you since there might be dealing with various customers and groups that use all these different apps as matter of choice or preference. The best way to deal with this to avoid yourself getting mixed up is to use CloudHQ to sync all bidirectionally continuously so that everything becomes available everywhere without having duplicates in the process. Doing so then renders all work files shareable across all platforms and easy to effect updates.

Predictive tech could also help you deal with various things happening across various platforms. The IFTTT (If This Then That) tool allows you to create automatic triggers that could automatically activate a series of online actions to help you micro-organize your personal work process. For instance, IF I upload a photo to Facebook, THEN save/import to Dropbox. IFTTT functions across countless online services that allow you to automate an infinite number of triggers that help you organize your online work and make them up to date.

Navigate effortlessly

Organized computer work is characterized by effortless navigation through various apps all working at the same time. Keep in mind that the computer could multi-task only just as well as you do. Here are some options that you could consider to work across various apps without much sweat:

  • Better Touch Tool. Very useful for resizing windows and practical for research. You could drag any window around your monitor to access various sizes. Do research on one side of the screen while writing a document on another window across it.
  • Alfred. Powerful search tool for your PC that also gives you the ability to search the web. Simply hit ALT (option), SPACE and a search bar comes up. Find documents and folders on your computer, define words, use a calculator or even use shortcuts for accessing web pages or programs in your computer.
  • Evernote. For collecting and organizing things in your computer, clip web info, images, articles, ideas, and the like into Evernote and then tag them. You could search them easily afterwards and add them into folders where you could access them later via a smartphone even without an Internet connection.

Fast, easy and efficient is what you end up being once you become an organized computer operator. Work then becomes effortless.

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