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Whatever I have learned over the years, Music, can be renamed contagious bug. Especially for the masses, who aren’t that crazy about music? Watching other people listen, kind of gets you in to the mood for it yourself. Looking back over the years, it comes as a no surprise that my music choices have been influenced by people in my life. Our mind, live in a far away land, which isn’t rationale, you look at the research done by Dan Ariely, of predictably irrational, and your world will go upside down. But thank God, it’s a connected world, to know about mind, and how it gets created by impressions in our life, you would be scared.

Now if, If it comes as a surprise, Think twice. The Huge impact of Social Network “Twitter”, like a global consciousness externalized, helps us see cluster of people (groups) talking about same things, “Trends” and no algorithm like analyzing music waves can ever see “Gangnam style” flying through the charts.twitter

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Social Media:

For starters, why would you need twitter, after you have Facebook, but like a Japanese soda market, where they push out hundreds of new soda experiments, whatever catches on, stays, luckily the silicon valley keep churning out these Pinterest, G+, and others, and they all seem to be enjoying their share. American business community had it wrong, “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken”. Blame we may all, the bubble, but that was just a sense, that something great can come out of “Internet”, and human nature is to rush, rather than wait. After all, opportunity doesn’t wait for anyone.


Obviously, you follow bands, music groups on twitter. It helps you find the trending music, and songs on Twitter might not have anticipated when it just started, but we know for sure, it’s a sleeping giant like, scurrying over layers and layers of personal data (preferences, dreams, wishes, feelings, status updates, and conversations with virtually anyone on the globe with a twitter account). A window on to revered celebrities, brands, topics, events.

Twitter Popular Music


Will let you play, right through the webpage, it has integration with iTunes, and music services like Rdio, Spotify. Most Amazing Part, it makes webpage a thinking music player, another layer of real intelligence and music sense added through an algorithm.

How to Download:

Starting from 18th April, this App will be available

  1. and

  2. iPhone through the App Store.

  3. Not available for Android Phones.

Let us know about your experience with the Twitter Music App for iPhone, so that we can with your suggestions dig deeper into it, and see how it affects your life, and catches on with you.

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