The move to the cloud, revisit your business infrastructure with software

Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, SkyDrive, all operate out of the cloud. What is the cloud? Well it is a collection of condensed moisture whose density allows it to float, so to speak, between different layers of the atmosphere. Just kidding, although that is how you would describe a traditional cloud, the cloud, in the context of software and the web, describes something else.

The cloud is basically, in short, servers. In application, the cloud is the use of server space to operate software, programs, applications, etc. through the web. Meaning, traditionally one might install software onto their computer and operate that program from their personal hard drive, but the cloud allows users to tap into server space via the web. This means you will not be using personal hard drive space, but more importantly, through the cloud you are able to handle large amounts of data at speeds unattainable from a traditional consumer computer.

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The shift to the cloud is relatively new. In fact, the shift is still evolving. Companies like Microsoft are slowly but surely migrating their services over to the cloud. While the shift to the cloud is not absolute since consumer computers still operate on a hard drive, businesses have taken onto the change quicker.

With that being said, there are very good reasons for you to move your business over to the cloud other than the fact that everyone else is doing it. The cloud has the following three main benefits: cost savings, efficiency, and mobility. Today, I will talk about the cost saving benefits.

The exact savings that you will incur due to switching over to the cloud is determined by your usage of computing data and computing storage. However, no mater how you look at it, the cloud saves you money. The reason why is, that with the cloud you no longer have to invest in the capital-intensive venture of owning and operating server farms. Instead, you can basically rent sever space at a budget friendly price. Now, for companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, this would not be wise. Instead, they have and will invest in their own server farms just because their usage exceeds the marginal benefits of renting server space. Chances are that you do not compute or store to the extent of these companies. For this very reason, small to mid size companies across America are making the switch.

Now I will answer the question of how you would make the switch to the cloud. Most software providers have cloud versions, so if that is the case, switching can be just a matter of contacting your service provider. However, it is likely that your business has custom software. In that case, contact a software developer in Houston. Software developers in Houston will be able to take your current software and put it in the cloud. In addition, this investment will serve as a great opportunity for you to also update your software. Houston has a great collection of developers that can ensure your transition is seamless.

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