Monitor your computer with Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

Gecko Monitor is one of the latest, leading computer monitoring applications to appear on the market. Available online from, it’s packed full of features and functionality. Lets take a look at what the software can do.

Download and Installation

The software is available in a free trial format (which lasts 2 hours) or as a full version (which costs $30.75) and both are available from the Gecko Monitor website. You can download and install the software in a few minutes, and once installed Gecko will ask you to set up a password and secret key combination that will be used to open the user interface.


Once everything is set up, you can click ‘Start Monitoring’ to put the application into stealth mode and begin the monitoring process. When in stealth mode, the user won’t know they are being monitored. There won’t be any signs of the program in the start menu, the program files directory, the add/remove programs list or the task manager. Gecko Monitor is very hard to track down, even if you’re looking for it. To re-open the application and view the results you simply enter your secret key combination followed by your password.


Once you bring Gecko Monitor out of stealth mode you can look through the logs by clicking through the corresponding tabs. There is a tab for each activity that the software keeps an eye on, which includes:

  • Everything typed (and the application or website it was typed into)
  • Any website visited
  • Any application used
  • Any file or document activity (moved/opened/deleted/created)
  • Anything printed
  • Anything copied and pasted


All of this will also be logged with the time and date of the activity, and organised in easy to read tables. There is also a timeline feature, that allows you to look through a simple timeline of events on the target computer.


If you don’t want to log back into the computer, you can also choose to have the logs emailed to you. This means that every X minutes (where X is an amount you choose) Gecko Monitor will send you an email that logs everything that has happened in the past X minutes.

All in all, Gecko Monitor has solid, well rounded features that are perfect for monitoring the home or office computer. To download a free trial of the software head here


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