How a Mobile Website Helps Your Business Generate Online Revenue

There are billions of smart-enabled devices that allow users to browse the Internet on a daily basis. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, mobile technology is how many people access online content. Shopping, blogging, tweeting and more is regularly conducted through these mobile devices. Adding accessibility for this technology on your website may be more than simply allowing visitors to easily read your content. It could also assist in generating traffic and converting leads into sales.

When visitors can easily access the material on your website, they spend less time trying to sift through the page with zoom commands and squinting to read text. The easier your website is to access, the more interested visitors may become. Instead of leaving in frustration and confusion, these visitors may spend quality time on your site while increasing the chances you’ll generate revenue through your revenue strategies of ad sales or products.

Ad revenue on a mobile site works in much the same way as it does for the full-sized desktop counterpart. Using third-party advertising campaigns tailored for your mobile design, visitors may provide an additional revenue stream outside of the site’s normal function. For instance, many eCommerce applications for mobile access have the capacity to add advertising banners and links giving you two different methods in which the site could generate money for your business.

Analytical information for your mobile website can illuminate where your customers are going within your pages. This information includes the type of mobile device used, screen resolutions, operating system, browsers, what pages are the most heavily accessed and more to help you develop future content strategies. For those that tailor content for specific brand devices, this information could be incredibly invaluable.

In 2013, mobile eCommerce sales accounted for 15 percent of all online purchases. This number is expected to increase to 24 percent by 2016. If you don’t have plans to incorporate mobile website capabilities before then, you may be missing out on a large amount of income. More than $200 billion was spent on eCommerce for the year of 2013. This is up by almost $20 billion from the year before. Considering how much of this money was processed through mobile eCommerce, it would be in your best interest to incorporate this technology.

Websites developed for mobile interaction are becoming more plentiful as time marches on possibly creating competition for your business. Click to learn more about how you can benefit from mobile abilities incorporated onto your website.

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