Mobile Sales Apps for your iPad

Having mobile sales and marketing productivity apps on your and your employees mobile devices can actually help you land a closed deal. According to Taptera, a software company based in San Francisco, a mobile sales workforce equipped with these kinds of mobile apps can dedicate more time in actual selling, and hence focus more on revenue generation, rather than an after-sales busy work.

Also, automating the entire sales and marketing process can cut sales cycles that take about 15 days into almost half, says Taptera. Providing your workforce the right mobile devices coupled with cutting-edge productivity tools can also help your business establish credibility at first impression.

And so it no longer comes as a surprise that the majority of businesses in the United States now pours capital investments on mobile devices and mission-critical mobile apps for their workforce. According to RingCentral, one of the leading VoIP providers in the country, at least 57% of small businesses across all industries in the US are now heavily reliant on mobile apps for their business. The VoIP provider also cited a dramatic spike in tablet adoption among businesses, from just 28% in 2011 to a whopping 62% last year.


Here are some mobile sales apps for your iPad that can help you boost your profit:

  • Handshake Sales Order Manager. This mobile app can simplify writing sales orders for you. Handshake Sales Order Manager allows you to store images and encode descriptions of your product set using your tablet. This way, when you’re at a trade show, working in the field or meeting a client away from your office, you no longer need to bring your catalog with you. All you have to do is to pull out your iPad, showcase your digital product set, and write orders using your tablet.
  • Quick Sale Lite. Quick Sale Lite comes both as a freeware and a paid version at $29.99. This mobile app allows you to accomplish your sales paper works in a jiffy. Creating, managing, and emailing invoices, tracking inventory, payments, and balances, and drafting reports have never been so easy with Quick Sale Lite. What’s more, this mobile app can save everything you create using the app in a printable PDF file format.
  • Profit Story. For a little less than $2, Profit Story can be your ultimate sales and marketing buddy while working on the road. This mobile app can definitely do a lot more than other more expensive spreadsheet apps. Profit Story can provide you with analyses on sell price, cost price, gross profit margin, markup, and break-even in an instant using unit or case information. You can also adjust measures and automatically see changes in other values.
  • Salesforce Chatter. Salesforce Chatter is free for downloading at the iTunes app store. This mobile app is very much similar to the world’s largest social networking site Facebook, but is exclusive only to your colleagues, current, and potential clients. And unlike other customer relationship management technologies, Salesforce Chatter features a user-friendly interface and is definitely much easier to use.

Dossier. Dossier for iPad takes customer relationship management to the next level. It transforms your iPad’s pre-installed Contacts app into a customer database and allows you to add text files, word documents and PDF files, which may come in handy every time you meet your current or potential clients. You can download Dossier from the App Store at $1.99.

  1. Mobile sales apps enable to create a perfect blend of business processes and the latest technology for added business gains. It equips the sales force to be productive on the move, breaking the barriers of a fixed time limit and catering to customer demands instantly.

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