Ways Mobile Phones Have Changed the Way We Do Business

It’s obvious that mobile phones are changing the world. From increased global connectivity to more information accessibility, mobile phones are altering the way people receive their news, enjoy entertainment and connect with their social crowd.

Not only are these hand-held technologies shifting society, they’re also changing and improving the way people conduct business. Business owners can manage their budget easier, increase their marketing efforts, nurture their customer relations and allow more travel opportunities for their workers, all because of mobile phones.

Budget Management

For many businesses, keeping track of the finances is challenging. However, tracking spending, saving and budgeting used to be much more difficult before mobile phones. Now, mobile banking and budget apps allow businesses to track their spending from anywhere at any time. Mobile banking also allows them to receive customer payments much easier.

Business Mobile Technology

In addition, mobile phones help lower technology costs for businesses, especially if the company is BYOD. With mobile device management, businesses can manage all their employees from wherever they are without spending a lot of money. Using mobile device management is important for any business that does more than email, calendaring and sharing contacts. Looking into prices on sites such as businessmobiles.co.uk can give you a better idea of what this will cost and the different plans that are associated with mobile phone plans aimed at business.

Often, your client’s budgets change and thus, your budget has to change. When sudden financial changes occur, you can be at the ready to fix your books with your mobile phone.


The marketing landscape drastically changed since the prevalence of mobile phones. Now, businesses can reach potential customers right in their pocket. Mobile apps, sites and ads all allow companies to saturate the mobile advertising space with their campaigns.

Conversely, customers can purchase products and make transactions easier through their mobile devices. This ties back to online banking in that customers and clients can send companies their money quicker and safer than cheques or cash. Because four out of five consumers are shopping with their mobile phone, marketers can reach consumers more directly and see a quicker success rate.

Customer relations

Client relations keep a company successful. Without happy customers, businesses will inevitably go under. Because of mobile phones, businesses don’t have an excuse to ignore their customers. Mobile data and WiFi hotspots allow businesses to check their emails more frequently when they’re out of the office; thus, response time to customers is quicker and more efficient.

In the same way, response time on social media networks also quickens. Companies can pay increased attention to social networks so they can reply to comments. This creates less dead time between your company and your clients.

Increased Telecommuting Opportunities

Businesses can now operate without an office. With less overhead, businesses can spend money on more important things. With mobile phones, everyone can stay on task and complete their responsibilities from wherever.

Even if your company has an office, you probably realise that mobile phones help workers travel easier and telecommute effortlessly. Now, work doesn’t have to be missed when a child is sick or someone has to leave the country for a business meeting.

Mobile phones also create what is now referred to as “softer schedules.” Employees endure less stress because their work schedules become more flexible and they can keep up with clients and tasks outside the office. This allows employees to balance their work-life pressures easier.

Group Brainstorming

Not everyone needs a laptop to work on projects together or brainstorm for new campaigns. Mobile devices allow for easier communication between employees. With smoother communication lines, employees can create and improve projects from different locations. Plenty of apps and cloud storage services offer secure platforms for employees to work on these projects.

Creativity is a hard thing to time manage, but with mobile phones and brainstorming mobile tools, employees can share their ideas as soon as creativity strikes. Ideas are valuable and with mobile phones, those ideas aren’t wasted.

Mobile phones are going to continue to change the way the world does business. As technologies improve, the business world will be better connected and more organised. The marketing landscape will continue to change as more people use their mobile phones to make purchases and receive their information.

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